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Worry, mine started early


For those of us prone to worry, our choice of thoughts, determines our outcome.



Worry seems to have its own engine, a way of entering our consciousness without an invitation.



So I decided to invite my worrier into my mindfulness practice.



I envision my worrier and my current worries before I Meditate.



I invite all my worries to express themselves, loudly.



I observe, feel all the worries then breathe into them.



Resisting or trying to distract myself from worry failed time after time.



Embrace worry, feel all of it, then release it.



Lots of opportunity for practice.


From “Buddhism Now” blog


Question: What can I do about doubts? Some days I’m plagued with doubts about the practice or my own progress, or the teacher.



Answer: Doubting is natural. Everyone starts out with doubts. You can learn a great deal from them.


What is important is that you don’t identify with your doubts: that is, don’t get caught up in them.


This will spin your mind in endless circles.



Instead, watch the whole process of doubting, of wondering. See who it is that doubts. See how doubts come and go.



Then you will no longer be victimised by your doubts.



You will step outside of them and your mind will be quiet.



You can see how all things come and go.



Just let go of what you are attached to.


Let go of your doubts and simply watch.



This is how to end doubting.


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