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Having a look at the thinker




Consider our thinker, the part of us who thinks.

We can step back and observe our thoughts (thinker).

Who is this thinker?

He/she can be emotional, irrational and brilliant.

The thinker has limitations, boundaries and illusion.

The thinker is biased, influenced by memory, limited by our ego.

Is the “Ego” we created the thinker?

The”Ego” is fallable, adolescent and limited.

The thinker is fallable, adolescent and limited also.

Does happiness appear out of thought or a by product of thought?

For me happy moments appear with focus on the senses never while lost in thought.

Thinking is a small part of what the mind can do!

Expand your minds capability by a 1,000, meditate and engage your expansive side.



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