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Thanksgiving is an hourly practice

Our first snow enjoyed by Mr. Brighton



Thanksgiving is an hourly practice, not a once a year novelty.

Gratitude grows giving, then giving returns the favor.

When my compassion center opened, gratitude and giving increased.

If you want your life to count, then be grateful and give freely.

Of all my accomplishments, giving has lasted, the trophies are tarnished and dusty, long forgotten.

Sadness and depression do not visit grateful givers as often, I know.

On this day, realize we are on this journey together.

Good deeds travel, possesssions are left behind when we depart this earth.



STILLNESS: Thich Nhat Hahn “The Art of Living”

Pinterest: Apnha Akehtnhr


In Plum Village, the mindfulness practice center in France where I live, there used to be a veranda called the Listening to the Rain Veranda. We made it specially for that purpose—so we could sit there and listen to the rain and not need to think about anything. Listening to the rain can help the mind come to stillness.

Bringing the mind to stillness is easy. You need only to pay attention to one thing. As long as your mind is listening to the rain it is not thinking about anything else. You don’t need to try to still your mind. You need only to relax and continue listening to the rain. The longer you are able to do so, the more still your mind becomes.

Sitting in stillness like this allows us to see things as they truly are. When the body is relaxed and the mind comes to rest, we can see clearly. We become as still and clear as the water in a mountain lake whose tranquil surface reflects the blue sky above, the clouds, and the surrounding rocky peaks just as they are.

As long as we’re restless and the mind is unsettled, we won’t be able to see reality clearly. We’ll be like the lake on a windy day, its surface troubled, reflecting a distorted view of the sky. But as soon as we restore our stillness, we can look deeply and begin to see the truth.



Some Thanksgiving thoughts

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Thanksgiving, the ultimate gratitude experience for Americans.



This is the one day we feel obligated to feed the homeless, that would be great if hunger only happened on one day a year.



It must seem weird to the homeless, to see people get involved for a day.



I would recommend we spend an hour a day growing gratitude and giving as much as possible.



It’s winter, that old warm coat in the closet would bring some degree of comfort to a needy soul.



That act of giving will change you. You will feel something, someone in need, right now.



His/Her existence can be influenced by our kindness and acts of giving.



Great way to teach your children compassion for others.



If you ignore the needy, your kids most likely will not care either.



Be humble, give thanks for all you have.



Unintended Consequences

Pixabay: Ben_Kerckx



My healing path was anchored by hours spent each day devoted to meditating. A byproduct of this action, besides healing, was the opening of my compassion center.

This unintended consequence has brought anguish. Suffering a childhood like mine, then to be disowned by my family currently, felt lonely. I mean all you hear from people is family means everything.

I felt somewhat damaged, a little sorry for myself.

Yesterday, outside the grocery, I encountered a homeless man.

I could tell he was a loner, immediately. Somehow, I felt his isolation, his suffering, his fear.

It was cold and he had no family, no one who cares in the world, I almost cried. Now, this was real loneliness. As far as I could see, he had one tooth when I approached.

His gratitude for my small offering touched my soul.

In our society, we have so many homeless now, we look on them as subhuman.

Meditation has curbed my appetite for needing things. Giving and gratitude smother the desire for possessions, power or status.

I have dreams of having Bezos type money and power, then using it to eliminate suffering.

Without forethought, meditation has changed my life is so many unintended ways.

Carry a sandwich, an apple or a small treat to give to those in need.

This act of giving leads to an increase in gratitude and a better chance at being happy.



Running in Place: “Everyday Zen by Charlotte J. Beck

Pixabay: Rilsonav



The first stage in practice is to recognize that we’re not running in place, we’re always thinking about how our lives might be (or how they once were).

What is there in our life right now that we don’t want to run in place with? Whatever is repetitive or dull or painful or miserable: we don’t want to run in place with that. No indeed!

The first stage in practice is to realize that we are rarely present: we’re not experiencing life, we’re thinking about it, conceptualizing it, having opinions about it.

It is frightening to run in place. A major component of practice is to realize how this fear and unwillingness dominates us.

If we practice with patience and persistence, we enter the second stage.

We slowly begin to be conscious of the ego barriers of our life: the thoughts, the emotions, the evasions, the manipulations, can now be observed and objectified more easily.

This objectification is painful and revealing; but if we continue, the clouds obscuring the scenery become thinner.

And what is the crucial, healing third stage? It is the direct experiencing of whatever the scenery of our life is at any moment as we run in place.

Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? No.



We have a Choice!!!!!!!!

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Personally, life seemed to unfold much to quick, being abused dominated my existence.

My world was hyper critical, unworthiness permeated my thoughts, my being, my soul.

Always feeling not good enough, damaged my self worth.

My mind would be my worst enemy for 58 years, carrying those early judgments as gospel.

Most of our issues connect with the judgments we grasp.

The thoughts we entertain create our reality.

If I still believed I was flawed at my core, life would be miserable.

How can gratitude and giving thrive in my life?

In this moment right now, my opportunity is as great as anyone on this earth.

Not better, no worse, unlimited like you and me.

It is a choice to let the past go.

A choice to be present, focused and positive.

The choice to take action everyday changes us.



Open, Curious and Humble

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We have to be open, curious, and humble to heal or to be happy.

Being open is the initial ante to start our journey.

Exploring our inner world may uncover things that terrify us on some level.

It will take courage, coupled with daily action to navigate this healing path.

Our most guarded weaknesses will surface with an open meditative practice.

Our hidden obsessions and cravings appear without the narrative justifying their need.

Do we remain rigid, denying reality or do we accept, then surrender to them.

Bet you now which way leads to healing and happiness.



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