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Lonely: is lonely a judgment?



Lonely can be a judgment. I have friends that seem to have it made, big house, nice car, money, career, etc.

They still feel lonely, emotionally unfulfilled, Lacking.

In many situations, not all, we compare our lives with others.

We may want the status and security of an executive career, that big house, country club membership or athletic skills to dominate our group.

Loneliness is a judgment in this situation. If we judge our world by what we lack, suffering will always be our partner.

Loneliness will become real.

All we have is this mundane moment. Think about that!

Nothing we can achieve or attain in the future will bring lasting happiness.

We can be happy right now, just as we are.

Happiness is a peaceful, internal way of being, living in the moment.

Equanimity is what the Buddhist label it.

Just think, we have the ability to shower ourselves with kindness.



Lonely thoughts grow into depression!

If we could look back on a bout with depression, we would find negative thoughts and emotions circling our subconscious for days.


Depression seems to be linked to expectations, judgments and negative emotions. We dissociate into the past or worry about the future.



We feel separate from something, someone or maybe life itself.



If we feel lonely, we are missing something.



Desire has crossed over to important need.



If this need is not met, loneliness can ensure. Depression is only a short distance away.


Watch the reality show “Alone”. They drop ten people off separately in a secluded spot on Vancouver Island. The one who can last the longest wins a pile of money.


Their minds are alone without any external stimulus for the first time except nature.



The isolation and seclusion drive most nuts within days. They did not have a soccer ball like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”.


Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) in “Shawshank Redemption” states there is a place inside your head where no prison exists, where no one can reach. Listening to the pure operatic music transported him outside those prison bars.


How have people like Victor Frankl and Nelson Mandela found inner peace and purpose in their harsh lives?



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