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Pilot post: Enquiring Minds want to know segment: Moods!!!!!!!!

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I was in a bad mood, I just was not thinking rationally.

We have all heard this or maybe even used it to explain bad behavior.

Do moods have power over us?

Moods seem to have thoughts and emotions attached to them.

Interesting, another “Ego” driven way to control behavior.

Sorry, I was in a bad mood, it wasn’t me!

Yes it was you, a mood is no excuse.

The hell with moods!!!!!

Oh sorry, I felt justified anger at my mood. Is this another mood?

I guess, letting the emotional thoughts fade collapses that mood.

Where we place attention determines if we

Dissociate or stay present,

Worry or have confidence,

Become hypervigilant or remain calm and content,

Have panic attacks or accept the unknown (PTSD danger),

Become rigid or open up,

Suffer or enjoy life.

Mindfulness practice limits the duration of any mood.



the Thinker has patterns

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The Buddhists call it non-dualism, the “Ego” is created, like a ventriloquists dummy.

In today’s vernacular our Facebook page carries only the things we want others to see. It is the persona we present as I, me, mine.

That persona wants to keep up appearances to the outside world.

Our feelings and emotions become connected with performance and behavior that gets approval.

We can get lost chasing this lochness monster.

Can you tolerate looking below the surface, observing how the “Ego” feels and makes decisions.

Ever wonder why all that effort never brings the satisfaction you desire?

Can you tolerate not being important?

Can you tolerate not controlling, or being right or most powerful?

Can you just be in the present moment without a construct (”Ego”).

Do we need to compete with other “Egos” or can we exist in harmony, sharing this journey.

What are your patterns?

What will you do for approval?

Does that satisfaction last or quench your desire?



Our Self Image should be like a Resume



I created an identity, an ego, I called Marty.

This ”Ego” was heavily influenced by my childhood, my first caregivers.

Childhood experience is combined with how others treat us, how we perceive this treatment, how we see ourselves and other subconscious factors.

This identity is called Marty. (I, me, mine)

We revise this concept of “Ego” when something happens to us. We can reinforce our current perception or maybe some success has bolstered self image.

An “Ego” should be constructed like a resume.

We would never list our perceived flaws to a future employer.

Why is it so important for getting a job and not our self image.

A positive self image is a requirement to be happy.

Unworthy “Egos” are not happy ones.

Unworthy “Egos” suffer through life.

In this moment, right now, I am overwhelmed with the amount of self-approval surrounding me. I have a warm, soothing, secure feeling.

Revise your “Ego” today.

Mindfulness and self talk?



“Mindfulness is a perspective of benign curiosity about all of your inner experience.

I cannot overstate the importance of becoming aware of your inner self-commentary.”

Pete Walker



Edward Bourne: self-talk;

“It is so automatic and subtle you don’t notice it or the effect it has on your moods and feelings.

It appears in telegraphic form- one short word or image (”Oh no!) contains a whole series of thoughts, memories, or associations.”




My two cents: So much goes on below the surface that impacts the way we feel about ourselves.

How can we be happy with a stream of trauma and unworthiness flowing underground.

Sit quietly, intently focused on the breath, journey inside, soothe the internal hurt you carry.

Relief is available if we take action.




Unintended consequences of meditation



My healing journey floundered through therapies with little impact.

Healing seemed impossible until I wandered into a new hybrid therapy that used mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment therapy).

Being obsessed with healing, I meditated with a vengeance. Five hours a day for five years.

Healing was slow without direction or the wisdom needed to heal, so I sat more.

Healing arrived in subtle ways at first, then plotted a path to wellbeing.

Unintended consequences arrived with the planned ones.

My compassion center opened wide and I could feel others suffering intimately.

To this day seeing homeless people tears at me emotionally.

I feel their suffering immediately, it impacts my life, my thoughts, and my emotions.

It is a helpless feeling, I can not impact all this suffering.

My happiness is clouded with knowing these souls suffer in my midst.

Most people ignore or do not see these souls as people worth caring about.

Yesterday, while buying a pizza for my grandkids inside this crowded market, I asked for a extra slice.

While buying that piece of pizza, I announced that slice was for the homeless guy at the exit.

It was not to enhance my ego, but to show others it is ok to care and give.

Most were shocked, a few smiled and I could see the givers amongst me.

We need to be a country of givers, a society of compassionate souls.

The landscape I see does not resemble giving, we have become takers as a country.

Open your compassion center, giving to the less fortunate is a road that leads to a happy, fulfilled life.

We think money and power lead to happiness.

Happiness is not an isolated feeling, hard to be happy with suffering overwhelming our landscape.

Please share your feelings on others suffering.



If boredom is an issue, you are not using the mind properly!

tianya1223: Pixabay

From the book Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom by Rick Hanson.

“The brain is the primary mover and shaper of the mind.

It’s so busy that, even though it’s only 2 percent of the body’s weight, it uses 20–25 percent of its oxygen and glucose.

Like a refrigerator, it’s always humming away, performing its functions; consequently, it uses about the same amount of energy whether you’re deep asleep or thinking hard.

The number of possible combinations of 100 billion neurons firing or not is approximately 10 to the millionth power, or 1 followed by a million zeros, in principle; this is the number of possible states of your brain.”




My two cents: “1 followed by a million zeros”, possible states of our brain.

To me, it seems imperative we keep our minds focused, calm, aware.

That means the mind performs best going slow, focused, aware of where it is directing the mind or just being in the moment.

All those opportunities could be such a distraction, confusing, tiring, emotionally unnerving.

Be the captain of your mind, keep your ship calm and focused.

Happiness is permanent.




Happiness is permanent.

It is always there.

What comes and goes is unhappiness. 

If you identify with what comes and goes, you will be unhappy.

If you identify with what is permanent and always there, you are happiness itself.

Poonjaji, 1910 – 1997, Indian non-dualist teacher




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