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Open, Curious and Humble

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We have to be open, curious, and humble to heal or to be happy.

Being open is the initial ante to start our journey.

Exploring our inner world may uncover things that terrify us on some level.

It will take courage, coupled with daily action to navigate this healing path.

Our most guarded weaknesses will surface with an open meditative practice.

Our hidden obsessions and cravings appear without the narrative justifying their need.

Do we remain rigid, denying reality or do we accept, then surrender to them.

Bet you now which way leads to healing and happiness.



Effects of the Adrenal Dump by Peyton Quinn!… This is fear, what we call the fight or flight mechanism,

life includes the whole show, the light and the dark, part two, 2,

Hong Kong photographer Vincent Wu’s image of the Hill of the Buddha at the Makomanai Takino Cemetery in Sapporo, Japan.



“Nothing to Grasp” by Joan Tollifson

Instead of trying to intentionally fix or improve “myself” or “the world,” I am more open to allowing everything to heal itself in its own way, in its own time, as it does anyway.

There is a devotion to the immediacy of life exactly as it is right now, without superimposing any kind of spin.

This bare intimacy is neither an effortful, goal-oriented, improvement-seeking exertion, nor is it any kind of passive or fatalistic resignation.

It is an energetic aliveness, an openness that includes everything and sticks to nothing.

It is not something “you” achieve or acquire, but simply the boundlessness, the bare being that is always already fully present right here, right now.



Terror follows sufferers of Trauma, PTSD

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Our triggers elicit our greatest fears, enormous terror or immediate annihilation . They are stored at the height of a perceived lethal threat.

For some of us, that was an abusing giant in childhood, or a sexual predator catching us in their web of deceit.

In the future, anytime the body or mind connects an image, sound, smell or thought with this horror, our fight or flight mechanism will fire.

Our life has changed, lethal danger consumes our thoughts, space, life.

Hypervigilance has us searching each moment for danger.

Running, avoiding, denying or resisting empowers PTSD.

Think of PTSD as a fence around the equator, we are in the Southern Hemisphere, healing exists in the northern hemisphere.

We can not go around.

The only path is thru the trauma memories.

Meditation charts the quickest, safest path.

Healing is Counterintuitive!

Instead of avoiding, we accept our trauma without judgment, then we surrender to our fears in the present moment (integration).

It is such a simple action.

It is such a scary action.

It is much easier when we build our focus on the breath, enabling us to let go.

You can be free, if you take action and practice daily.

PTSD is not some all powerful disorder, it has weaknesses.

PTSD is at its most vulnerable at its apex of power, a trigger exploding.

If we can stay present, focused, observing when a trigger explodes, integration will begin.

Healing is a few breathes away.



Thoughts are Endless!!!!



In my Mindfulness group, we deal with thoughts.

We discuss the daily volume, 60,000 everyday. We practice different strategies for Coping, Surviving and maybe Thriving.

I try to demonstrate thought needs attention, electricity, fuel to enter our life.

Mindfulness helps us focus on the breath, intently, thus allowing thoughts to fade.

Our “Ego” battles for control of our being, battles for as much of our waking moments as possible.

Life can be consumed by erroneous thought. Easy to get lost, consumed, terrified or confused.

Think of happiness in terms of being present, in this moment, absent of thought.

At least we will be living in the only time zone where happiness exists.

The “Ego” gains control when we leave this moment.

The inner critic is always in the past or future, always negative, always worrying, doubting, or criticizing.

It can be peaceful, soothing to be present, empty of thought.

My mindfulness group has changed direction, less abstract discussion and more simple, concrete actions are now emphasized.



Giving: be inspired by others who give



Giving is contagious, spread as much as you can everyday.

A smile is a great gift, a kind word even more powerful.

Costs nothing to use kindness in large quantities.



Awareness has more levels, depth to it

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Awareness always comes first. Awareness has more levels, deeper insights.

Be aware that fulfilling desire, enjoying the fleeting satisfaction, does not curtail that desire.

An example: Hunger; The most succulent meal from a five star restaurant ends in more hunger after five or six hours.

Desire may increase if left unattended.

Be aware of how satisfaction never fulfills desires promise.

A desire is never quenched permanently, no meal, marvelous vacation, or sexual tryst lasts very long.

That is our dilemma, like using a short term opioid to chase chronic pain, it is never enough.

Be aware chasing pleasure as a strategy ends in suffering or addiction.

Awareness taught me happiness and healing are an internal way of being, not an external journey of accumulating possessions and power.

What has awareness uncovered for you?



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