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Forming “I” part two

Emotional Development of 2 year olds – Part 2



“Oneness: The Destination you never left”

Perhaps the idea, at this point, is just that you are this body, but the idea of you as a person is forming in the brain/ mind.

Where before there was just like or dislike, now there is an apparent you that likes or dislikes.

Before, choices arose spontaneously, but now it appears that you are making choices based on those likes and dislikes.

Once, hunger was present—now it appears that you are hungry.

But, is that really what is happening?

Is that reference point of “you” valid?

It certainly seems so, but by what gauge is that reality judged?

Isn’t the validity of the idea of a person validated by the same mind that assumes it to be valid?

Think about it—the mind contains the thought “I Am”—the mind then confirms that the thought is a real thing.

But without the thought, would you still be?



Thoughts are air without attention

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“In Touch”

As we learn to see our thoughts as thoughts instead of reality, attention naturally drops down from the forehead into the heart area.

This is usually a slow, gradual process of reorientation, although there can be many initial forays of attention into the heart along the way.

It can take us a while to find our way and create a new path.

Whenever attention shifts from the head to the heart, the heart becomes increasingly familiar and less foreign.

In time, we sense it as our new home.

The heart area is, above all, the center of deep feeling and sensitivity.

When the heart area is illumined, we have a vibrant sense of the wholeness of life.

What thought divides, the heart unites.

Our argument with reality ends when our attention is deeply seated in the heart.



Awareness has more levels, depth to it

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Awareness always comes first. Awareness has more levels, deeper insights.

Be aware that fulfilling desire, enjoying the fleeting satisfaction, does not curtail that desire.

An example: Hunger; The most succulent meal from a five star restaurant ends in more hunger after five or six hours.

Desire may increase if left unattended.

Be aware of how satisfaction never fulfills desires promise.

A desire is never quenched permanently, no meal, marvelous vacation, or sexual tryst lasts very long.

That is our dilemma, like using a short term opioid to chase chronic pain, it is never enough.

Be aware chasing pleasure as a strategy ends in suffering or addiction.

Awareness taught me happiness and healing are an internal way of being, not an external journey of accumulating possessions and power.

What has awareness uncovered for you?



Hope has changed, more a big picture gaze for me now

Faith In Humanity Restored – 13 Pics

Looks like he gives hope to others.



My meditation practice has altered what I hope for, instead of personal benefit, my hopes are more altruistic, big picture desires.

I hope every child has security, shelter, love and opportunity.

I hope homelessness would end.

I hope we would all see this journey is not one of competition but one of unity, traveling together, helping one another.

I would hope all would see happiness is not an isolated condition, you can not be happy with suffering all around you.

I hope hate dies and kindness consumes all of us.

I hope you read and respond to this post.



Are you a giver or do you need more

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Do you have enough in life? (Security, shelter, food, and a small community of friends).

Is your time spent trying to accumulate more possessions, more power, or more status?

Do you judge yourself externally with others, compare possessions, power and status.

How do you judge those who have far less than you?

Do these judgments bring consequences?

Much of our condition is created by our perception of life and judgments.

Altruism, giving without concern for reward, does not happen when we judge ourself as needy, lacking necessities.

Less giving means less happiness.

Greed accumulates wealth, status and power.

Too bad those qualities have nothing to do with happiness.

Happiness is a reward for giving, caring and kindness.

It is our choice how we live life.

Give, share a kindness, live a more joyful existence.

Be nice, be kind, be an example to others.

Be the one who is compassionate in your peer group.

Are your kids givers?

They follow your example.



Small concrete actions

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Meditation has an enormous connotation attached to it.

It seems foreign, mystical, an enormous, unreachable, unattainable journey.

Let all those judgments go.

Sometimes, I introduce meditation as a focus exercise, a simple way to train the mind. That is an accurate statement.

No robes, no religion, no lineage, just you and your mind sitting quietly.

Why do we fear taking responsibility for our life, our wellbeing?

Meditation can be as simple as being able to focus for ten breath cycles.

We only need focus until a no thought stage is developed.

Then, we are below the “Ego”, on our expansive side.

Floating in the expansive, brilliant side of the brain soothes and repairs our mind and body.

Start with three breaths, inhale, pause, exhale, pause.

We can build our focus, one breath at a time.

It takes a little persistence and using a simple model for me.

Practice with three breath sets, then expand to five breaths.

Practice the basics, over and over, it is the quickest way to learn and master this simple task.

By the time you build up to ten breaths, the mission is complete.

Meditation is simple, repetitive, and soothing.

Yes, you take responsibility for your life.



Simple concrete actions can make BIG changes!

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Through daily practice and constant application, a few habits have emerged.

Each time a negative emotion arrived, I would feel it completely, then take a step back, observing below my “Ego”.

This small action, observing from a distance, started to limit time spent being angry or sad, jealous or anxious.

Most of my healing or growth came when thought was absent, emotions were silent, and focus was intense.

Action number two dedicated focus where I placed my attention.

At every moment during my waking hours, I would try to be aware of this present moment.

Every effort was made to be in the present moment, not lost in thought, not stuck in the past or worrying about some future challenge.

Remember to place all energy on the process, not a goal.

We are not looking for perfection, that is an awful judgment, expectation about how life should be.

Do not judge what you thinks happiness looks like.

It does not look like that.

Chasing pleasure, accumulating wealth and power are not connected to happiness.

Gratitude, giving and living in the now surround the area where happiness thrives.

As Bruce Lee eloquently put it,

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Simple, specific, concrete and immediate action are bulletproof, can withstand the explosion of our fight or flight mechanism.

Follow your inhale, be the first pause, then slowly exhale the warm exhaust, finishing with symmetry of a like pause.

Our breath happens without thought, and is our most immediate life force or need.

We can go days without food and water, a breath, only seconds before death arrives.

The breath is magical but that wisdom has no meaning inside the letters or cognitive meaning.

The wisdom is contained inside the action of focusing on the breath, you must do to know the meaning of those words.

Ten or fifteen minutes a day.



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