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Do not let them camp out in your head!



We go to great lengths to protect our possessions. We close and lock our doors and windows, maybe add a security system for extra protection.

With all this energy and concern, why do we not guard our mind with the same diligence.

This is one of my bad habits from childhood. An outside threat can dominate my thoughts, occupy my mind in totality.

My childhood abuse heightened my sense of self, needing to be perfect, thoughts would consume my being.

Any criticism or threat was elevated to a level of near annihilation within minutes. Sensitive, I have to admit and it is embarrassing to realize its impact.

My fears drugs were always present, so criticism easily excited my being.

Now, I refuse to let my attention be consumed by another’s actions.

Yesterday, a neighbor emailed a nasty message about my screaming grandkids.

Quarantine is causing some to lose their cool.

Now, attacking my grandkids is one of the few attachments, I care deeply about.

In the past this situation would consume my thoughts.

Life would revolve around this upset.

I have learned that letting this situation camp out in my mind, is an invisible prison I have inhabited way too much.

I have learned to keep my mind clear of this poison.

Let others own their own problems.



The faster the mind goes, the more awareness is lost!

Pixabay: alan9187



Notice the speed of your mind, the speed at which thoughts arrive, the speed of your nervous system and the strength of our emotions.

This maybe an extended quarantine, so having the ability to let the noise, worry and fear go, is of great benefit.

Have gratitude, many , many more people are suffering around the world.

I have doubt, worry and fear but I refuse to give it more attention. Limit the noise, these distractions.

Realize worry and doubt compromises our wellbeing, weakens our immune system and lets our “Ego” control the mind.

These are simple battles that change our mindset.

Discount any strong emotions for a month, play defense.

Defense is making no decisions, giving no weight to negativity or chaos.

We just let the noise go, then follow our senses to this present moment.

In this moment, right now, I can be happy or at least enjoy the beautiful tree blooming.

If we let worry nullify nature and any positivity, we will suffer.

We need to stay present so much more now. Refuse to ruminate about the past or worry about the future.

Until new information comes out in this pandemic, no need for me to think about it.

When something changes, I will adapt but as of now, Surviving means letting go and being present.

These are simple actions that change everything.

We do not have to be perfect but we can catch ourselves lost in worry, then adjust and let go.

Think of ways to helps others, spreading kindness in creative ways.

We have the internet to reach out and spread kindness.

Many choices during this pandemic.



Complex Pandemic our response is Simple!



The mind wants to go fast and handle complex thoughts. Under stress with adrenaline, cortisol and testosterone impacting our behavior, the mind races out of control.

Any of us with a trauma history, know how irrational we can be when our triggers fire. The amygdala ignites this Complex process that prepare us for a lethal threat.

Know this quarantine and pandemic isolates us and increases our chances of suffering.

Out of this complex adrenal stress response, the cure is simple.

Know your breath, it has four parts. The breath is invisible, like pain, two powerful ghosts.

Inhale: Slow it down, be with your inhale, feel the air as it passes inside your nostrils, bristling by those nose hairs. Do not anticipate the pause or the next breath or the next ten minutes.

All that exists is your inhale! Be inside your nose, visualize and feel the cool air pass through your nose. Nothing else in life exists. Relax, feel secure and let go.

Observe the thoughts and emotions, Accept, let go, then Surrender to your fear.

Pause: It is like the space between musical notes, a rhythmic balance for our inhales and exhales. We pause to let oxygen absorb into our lungs. The pauses are like suspended animation, nothing is moving. If you focus, slow down, you can hear the inhales and exhales. It takes energy to inhale and exhale, the body moves and makes noise.

Exhale: The mirror image of the inhale. We slowly let the air out of our lungs, like a balloon expelling its air slowly. Navy Seals use the extended exhales to navigate fear and use the energy for fuel. Extended exhales accelerate the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system (the brakes). Notice how much less energy it takes to exhale than inhale. No need to fill (expand) our lungs. In fact the opposite is true. Takes more action to hold the air in our lungs than to simply release the pressure.

Pause: Provides the time needed for carbon dioxide to dissipate. This ensures we inhale oxygen rich air besides balancing the breath. The breath becomes similar to a fine piece of music. The pauses balance the breath as our mind and body act as one. Rumors have it that the pauses can expand, allowing us to go below our consciousness. Focus intently on any body sensations when the body is at complete rest.

Start with a three Breath set. Perfect one breath, then expand to a few more.

Look on this as a focus exercise. Practice, then apply to every thought that arrives.



COVID-19 virus crisis: thinking to much is damaging



Worry, doubt, fear, anxiety or calm can rule our life.

We control only a few things, one is where we place our attention.

In the middle of this pandemic, where we place our attention, decides if we panic, suffer or keep a healthy perspective.

Getting lost in thought, worry, doubt, fear or panic elevates the dire nature of life.

Remember life is a journey, not a destination, death is always our final act.

Our goal is to live life happily until we die.

If my time to die is coming soon, then I want to live fully and die a good death.

We can always let the noise go, then let our senses take over.

Observe nature, see the trees, flowers, weeds, sky and dirt.

Smell the aromas, feel the texture, be alive, be present, be centered.

Let the agitation, the body sensation, the fearful thought and emotions dissipate.

Negative emotion needs our attention to survive.

Observing life is so simple we overlook its power.

A thought: we can find happiness in the midst of today, then tomorrow.

Adversity is part of life, accept the challenge or be a victim.




How could I have known?




Throughout childhood my fear and anxiety accompanied me. In high school, my stomach made me sick from the constant abuse.

This dangerous existence facilitated the dumping of cortisol and adrenaline everyday.

My normal was anything but normal.

How could I know? I had never felt my nervous system without those neurotoxins present.

This last week I have experienced my system as calm as ever in my life.

My focus has been concentrated on the slightest change in my fear drugs, cortisol and adrenaline.

I have been in observer role this week, detached, neutral, with as little judgment as possible.

With each observation, I see how my Ego feels slighted, followed by an emotional response.

Taking a step back, I see how easily these fear drugs dissipate when you break the Egos grip.

I never knew life could be this calm.

These fear drugs have caused turmoil in my life.

We can always learn and improve.

It is the journey that makes life worthwhile not the destination.



ULTIMATE SOLITUDE: “Focused and Fearless”




“The culmination of seclusion goes far beyond a quiet state of mind.The Buddha described true seclusion as an experience that is free from attachment. In a discussion with a monk named Elder, he said,

“And how, Elder, is dwelling alone fulfilled in detail?

Here, Elder, what lies in the past has been abandoned, what lies in the future has been relinquished, and desire and lust for present forms of individual existence has been thoroughly removed. It is in such a way, Elder, that dwelling alone is fulfilled in detail.”

Thus, inner seclusion is a way of being that is freed from attachment to past, future, and even present perceptions.

Consciousness ceases to take its stand on forms, feelings, perceptions, or thoughts.

Nothing is taken up as a basis upon which to construct personal identity.

This realization of the unfabricated nature of things brings the uncluttered mind to perfection.

We don’t just clear away physical and mental rubbish, and then rest in that neat and tidy mental space.

The very constituents of personality are exposed as utterly empty.

There is nothing there to hold, and no one to try.

Nothing exists that would structure a relationship between assumed constructs of I and you, this and that, there and here, past and future.”



This fictitious character was created for identity, a bit player, not a starring role in our life.

Pixabay: makeitclear / 6 images



My Ego, my definition: He is the one who thinks, who gets angry, pissed, envious, even adolescent, craving approval, chasing pleasure.

A creative idea sprung forward. Why not treat my Ego like a ventriloquist dummy, an appendage type puppet.

Refer to him in the third person, an adolescent personality, a virtual emotional mini-me.

This fictitious character was created for identity, a bit player, not a starring role in our life.

Discount emotions, focus, explore below the surface, life is much, much deeper, if you just let go and observe.

That dummy can occupy way to much of our life.

Realize that dummy never feels equal to any other dummy he meets.

That dummy craves superiority, dominance, adulation.

Left in control, this dummy will chase pleasure (approval, status, sexual gratification, power and dominance) and avoid the awkward or unpleasant.

Suffering is where this dummy will lead us.

Happiness will be a stranger if our Ego is in control.

Explore the minds patterns, the “Egos” desires, if you want to be free, happy or alive.




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