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Everyone seems to agree with this quote.

What do we do when that negative person is looking back at us in the mirror?

I was my worst enemy, my worst critic wrapped up inside my own body.

No accomplishment, nothing I could attain or earn ever changed that prison.

Change happened internally.

Negative feelings and thoughts were released, let go, fading into space.

The mind holds on to old habits fiercely, so daily practice is needed.

Let go of a negative thought about yourself everyday.

Self soothe, immerse yourself in a blanket of kindness



Zen Things

My two cents: Get away from time, being late, in a hurry, racing, for a while, just be in the middle of whatever is happening, a curious observer.

Let go of any tension, surrender to those fears, be curious.




Develop a curious mind



Al Siebert trumpets the benefits of having a curious mind as one of the core traits in his book “Survivor Personality”.

A curious, creative mind helped survivors entertain themselves under life threatening circumstances.

Nando Parado in “The Miracle in the Andes” credited his mantra, “As long as I have a breath, I will die one step closer to my father” as sustaining him in toughest times.

The other 16 thought he was crazy. They lived because of his creative mind and incredible desire to think about living, taking action in the midst of their total surrender.

Two more examples: Two Vietnam vets demonstrated what a creative mind does to stay neutral or positive.

One vet created exotic menus for a high class restaurants. Detailed recipes were invented in an attempt to lesson his hunger.

The other vet created a detailed lumber list for building a house he designed. Detailed, down to every last nail.

Prisoners, being captive, held in isolation, creates a situation where the mind either destroys us or saves our sanity and freedom.

A Curious mind is positive, freer, more expansive.

Curious minds seem to be more intuitive, open to searching outside the box.

My meditation/mindfulness practice has freed my mind of varying degrees of worry, doubt, and negative emotion.

This freed up time has been focused on observing and wonderment.

Wonderment is what a child sees or feels when he/she experiences something new for first time. The cognitive thinker has nowhere to file or even define what is observed.

That momentary amazement we call wonderment.

Also referred to as Beginners Mind, seeing, feeling life through the eyes of a child is our goal.

Everything is new, we never surrender to the boredom of repetive chores, work, personal interaction.

I experience doing laundry as a present action, neutral, or with purpose.

My practice has given laundry duties a purpose. Paying attention, hanging up everything neatly, gives me joy.

I am making sure my grandkids look their best.

Laundry was a chore, something where speed to get finished was the primary goal.

Now, doing laundry is completed with no time involved.

I find myself inside the task, mind clear, at ease and focused somehow on the boring chore.

Wish I had this kind of success with other chores (Dishes).

Where does focus and freedom enter your world?

Could be gardening, cooking, a hobby, yoga, a musical instrument, etc.

The mind craves being empty, letting our curiosity run free for short periods of time as an ante for being happy.



Enquiring Minds want to know: Change



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How many people make a significant change in their life? What percentage would you assign to change?


Why do you think change is such a monumental task?


I know that human nature would rather endure a known suffering than risk change, even if change would benefit us.


This must be the road less traveled.


I have opined in many posts about taking risks and improving.


Looking deep inside yourself, what needs to happen for you to risk change?


It is different for all of us.


Therapists I have asked, say 5% of clients do the work and risk change.


We go crazy about politics but look at how few vote.


Are we drawn to the easy way out, seeking pleasure, avoiding anything awkward or difficult.


I know some of the greatest, most satisfying lives have been filled will difficulty, loss and drama. Lincoln, Mother Theresa, and Mandela come to mind.


Maybe if we increased our gratitude and giving, change would be easier.

Please share your thoughts on change.

Meditation/Mindfulness changes in me



That big sense, I am lacking something has dwindled. I need very little now for me to be content or happy.

Worry gets much less attention. Life is a challenge, many things are out of our control, however my time spent in the present moment has increased exponentially.

I do not try to escape feeling awkward, sad, lonely or anxious anymore. Now, feelings are felt in their entirety, then let go to fade away harmlessly.

Emotions and thoughts are discounted as mere appendages, nothing of relevance, just a mild inconvenience. Wow, what a relief this has been in daily life.

My free time has increased since ruminating lasts a relatively short duration with most disruptions.

Being able to let go of thought, judgment and emotion has eliminated so much suffering. No need to repair or integrate days of dissociating, ruminating in my traumatic past.

The promise of being free in this moment has triumphed over living in the past or predicting suffering in the future.

I enjoy times of happiness when my mind is focused, clear and ever present.

While hiking I let my senses control my being, that is I observe what my eyes see, ears hear and nose smells without narration.

I am a sponge, observing, soaking up reality without analyzing or judging.

Miracles are everywhere. Giant trees, wildlife, fresh air and nature fill my being. Thought spoils this pristine experience.

I have learned to let my mind empty, to give him a break.

My body and mind repair themselves when I focus on the breath and let thoughts clear my consciousness.

Our goal in meditation is to reach a no thought space.

We are just daydreaming until we build our focus to this level.

It takes practice and is attainable for all of us. No special talent, intelligence is needed, just daily practice.

My intuition has grown. I sense things in others, non verbal clues, unrest or agitation that went unnoticed before.

We all have intuitive skills waiting to be developed.

Meditation becomes more significant in life’s harsh times.

Most of us can have joy when things are going well.

Our issues comes with perceived failure, loss, a health crisis or someone offending us.

Our ability to focus, then let the noise go, changes life completely.

Could you benefit from a mindfulness practice?



Enquiring Minds want to know: Lack and Public Speaking

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Remember, happiness as the absence of a sense of lack.

Definitely I feel a big sense of lack with public speaking. I am jealous of those who can opine publicly.

We all have lack, depends on the severity, I guess.

I could obsess over my lack of skill in many arenas.

How important is a skill like public speaking?

Exploring my lack, a realization hit me.

My perceived lack was based on thought, judgment and emotion.

My lack could grow or dissipate with my input.

Interesting! Exploring further, my investment of time and attention, wasted so much time on the negative.

This lack was big in the past but has shrunk to an inconvenience in the present.

In my last post, Vic in a response, shared he enjoys public speaking but feels incompetent in my more personal conversations.

For Vic, being adept at public speaking did not lead to happiness. For me, being incompetent at public speaking caused me years of doubt and worry.

We all have our areas of incompetence and awkwardness.

As usual, it comes down to how we think about our areas of incompetence.

The one skill that transcends this, the ability to focus and let go.

The ability to direct our attention away from judgment and emotion to our Aware Presence, can lead to calm, peace and happiness.



A crazy time in my life where lacking was absent

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My journey meditating and improving has revealed counterintuitive truths.

Surrendering is the ultimate power for instance.

Three years ago, Guillian Beret paralyzed me from the neck down.

In ICU, being in a life and death situation, somehow I accepted my situation. My daughter just had a baby who had a chest infection, so I was on my own.

Having just relocated months before, I had no support system.

You would think I would feel enormous lack, fear and anxiety.

We say Why me?

I had blogged for a couple years championing the power of a meditating practice.

Why not me?

Somehow I accepted the challenge and decided I would smile and greet everyone with kindness.

Refusing to feel sorry for myself, to worry or doubt became my mantra.

Testing my willpower and meditation practice against this disease was the challenge.

Looking back, my scariest time was the first day home alone. What I had just experienced, overwhelmed me when the journey ended.

My focus and acceptance had never been more acute.

Now, I try to repeat this acceptance with mundane life.

When have you entered a task with total acceptance?



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