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Healing has great RISK!

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My mind has tendencies, patterns, old habits that were functional surviving childhood abuse.


Meditation/Mindfulness builds Focus, allows me to see my Destructive thought patterns.


Awareness always comes first. We can not fix what we can not see or refuse to Recognize.


We need to let go of our created storyline of justification, and risk being vulnerable in the present moment.


Healing has great RISK!


It feels safer not risking, but suffering GROWS.


It is our human dilemma.


The fact is whether we risk or play it safe and hide, we die the same day, same hour, same minute.


There is no Behavior that grants us an extra day, week or year.


So Why not risk?


It is the most important question impacting your healing.


If you are going to heal, risk is part of your journey.


Nothing to lose but your suffering.



I do not ask for an easy life, only the tools to face my challenges head on!



Life has enormous challenges or adversity as some would say.

Some seem to have greater adversity, large loss and meager assets.

Yes life is not fair.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, acquiring PTSD in childhood, I have gratitude for having the skills to escape that prison.

My journey has given me the skills to help others heal from PTSD.

Seems there is a bigger good or picture on my journey.

Gratitude has helped me cope with loss and life.

I would not changed my childhood, my suffering, my life, it has made me who I am!

Was this the lesson, I was to learn?



Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.



Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.

Does that seem like a harsh, uncaring statement?

The real tragedy is not taking action, suffering until we die!

I have come across many people suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression or another mental disorder.

Sadly, only a few realize healing or wellbeing is a choice.

Even fewer accept this challenge and take daily action.

Human nature would rather endure a familiar suffering than risk change, even when change may hold a better life.

I have grappled with trying to inspire them, trying to get them to see their behavior powers their suffering.

My words are the same, why do some take action and improve, while the vast majority continue to suffer without any effort to heal.

Our mind helps inspire our recovery or we suffer with our created storyline of justification.

If we are not tying to heal, we have avoided taking responsibility for our journey.

Healing does not happen from a pill or from some external force.

Healing happens with daily action, persistent effort and lots of courage.

This is the path less traveled.



“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” ~ Lao Tzu



Do you value others approval over self approval?

Childhood abuse, C-PTSD, made me extremely vulnerable, craving approval from others.

That craving took all the time needed for healthy self approval.

Constant criticism and beatings created a void, a damaged “Ego”, needing kindness at all costs.

My “Ego” felt unworthy, not equal to others, I judged myself defective.

The battle to heal or wellbeing is an internal one I found out.

Internal healing, accepting, then surrendering to my fears paved the way to a different existence.

Please learn from my mistakes and journey out of hell.



Taking any action moves us out of the victimhood house.



If you suffer from a mental disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc., action is mandated.

How would you describe your situation, if you are not taking any daily action to heal?

That would signal defeat for me, I had quit. I had given up!

Wow, no way I am joining that team.

I rather be dead than live a victims life.

I believe in “Never give in, Never give up” a 1000%.

It is a choice.

If you are not trying, do you expect healing to happen on its own?

Do you think a therapist is going to heal you?

Do you avoid holding yourself responsible.

Victims take no responsibility or daily action to heal.

Healing is a choice to take daily action or surrender.



Healing takes strength and effort



Excerpt from the The Way Within:

It takes strength to stay present and then act as the moment requires not as your thoughts and feelings dictate.”




My two cents: It also takes dedicated daily practice.

Only twenty focused minutes of practice delivers enormous wellbeing.

We find how to release that torrential rain of negative, unworthy thoughts.

Imagine only entertaining positive, worthy, happy thoughts.

Would that change your moment to moment experience?

Meditation costs nothing, like kindness it is free.

Available at any second, but how often do we decide not to be kind or entertain self hate.

Healing and Happiness are the benefits of a daily meditation/mindfulness practice.

If life brings no challenges then I would relax and enjoy it.

If not, ask yourself, what will it take for me to start a daily practice?

What holds me back?



Be Yourself: The Inner Way; part two

Pixabay: qimono



Excerpt from the The Way Within:

This way is not a means to an end, yet it is an end to all seeking. It’s about knowing yourself not just through awareness but as awareness.

It’s the call to being. It’s making a stand as awareness and living authentically.

Awakening to your true nature is not an end to your spiritual work partly because awakening operates at the level of ‘knowing’.

Knowing is not the end because before we come to knowing, a life time of other beliefs has been recorded at a deep, some might say cellular level and it takes time before you are free of your legacy beliefs and all the associated fear and pain.

You must work through your beliefs, but this is easier work when done in the light of awareness.

The inner way brings you to openness and acceptance of what ‘is’ but it is not be confused with weakness.

It takes strength to stay present and then act as the moment requires not as your thoughts and feelings dictate.



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