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Aloneness in and of itself is not a painful thing.

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Excerpt from “There are No Others: Accepting the Reality of Aloneness”

“Aloneness in and of itself is not a painful thing.

The reason you associate pain with aloneness is because it was pain that brought you out of your aloneness and into the illusion of company.

Regardless of whatever the reason was, at some point in your early years you came to the conclusion that who you are is wrong.

This belief is the pain I’m speaking of.

To return to your aloneness you must first encounter the pain that took you out of it.

Pain is the gatekeeper of your awakened self.

When you rest as your true self, your pain will eventually disappear.

If you want to say goodbye to this pain for good, then identifying the source of your pain will be needed.

The package (belief) that this pain comes in is different for everyone.

Identifying this package is the first step, allowing the pain inside of it to envelop and destroy you is the next one.

If you can be destroyed then you should be destroyed.

Let it happen.

Only what is untrue in you can be destroyed.

The core belief that’s protecting your false sense of self is painful because it’s desperately trying to hold together the pieces of a fragmented identity.”



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