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Secrets to help you Meditate



When meditating, I exert no influence.

Whatever comes up is observed from a distance.

Anxious Thoughts, judgments, worry and doubt, body sensations, the breath, and our interior world are observed.

Observation takes no action, exerts no pressure on anything, passively leads us to acceptance.

Any strong emotions or judgments fade away without our participation.

Words become powerless, judgments obsolete and resistance useless.

Learning to detach from the “Egos” grasp frees us to heal and improve..

Accepting all of us is not easy, does not happen without daily practice.

We do not try to escape. We are detectives, we are on an undercover stake out of our inner world, our mind.

Next comes Surrender, we picture our heart as a butterfly net and then catch our fears gently with a child’s curiosity.

We are not doing anything to our fears, surrender exerts no pressure, no influence.

Thoughts, judgments and emotions fade quickly with practice.

We learn how to train our mind to stay present, empty of negative thought and emotion.

It was scary as hell at first, I perceived my triggers had power to harm me.

That was an erroneous conclusion.

I was afraid of my own fight or flight mechanism firing, an unfounded fear at best.

PTSD is a bluff, nothing happens after cortisol and adrenaline dissipate, returning us to a normal calm.

You have to practice to reap these benefits.


Meditation: more physical benefits; The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing after Trauma”



“Meditation enhances functioning in the hippocampus, a crucial structure for quieting agitations and consolidating memory.

As you meditate, you also repair the brain connections that trauma has ruptured and rebuild brain tissue that has been damaged and destroy.

In recent years, researchers such as Harvard Sarah Lazaro and Brittany Holzel have repeatedly shown that meditation actually promotes the growth of new brain tissue in areas of the frontal cortex that trauma often damages, areas responsible for self awareness, thoughtful judgment, and compassion.”




My two cents: So Meditation, promotes better self-regulation, enhanced memory, clearer thinking, greater ability to deal with life’s stresses, quickly recover from anger and distress, you also repair the brain connections that trauma has ruptured and rebuild brain tissue that has been damaged and destroy.

Just think if we apply meditation with its laser focus towards our healing.

Meditation will help your therapy or path you have chosen to heal or be happier.

Meditation calms the Storm: “The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing after Trauma”



“When we meditate, we are reversing the biological damage trauma does.

Meditation calms the storm.

It quiets the amygdala’s frenzy and balances the sympathetic nervous system’s fight or flight response with the rest and digest of the parasympathetic nervous systems vagus nerve.

Scientists have shown that if you meditate regularly, the tone of the vagus nerve–its level of functioning—increases.

And with better functioning, you get better self-regulation, enhanced memory, clearer thinking, greater ability to deal with life’s stresses, and quickly recover from anger and distress.

The improved vagal tone that comes with meditation also activates the nerves associated with facial expression and speech, which make it easier for us to recognize and welcome the support that others may want to give.”




My two cents: We use meditation to calm our nervous system, then make friends with our fight or flight response.

Their is no fear inside our fight or flight mechanism, worry and negative judgments add the fear.

If we lose our fear of triggers, healing is not far behind.

I force my triggers to fire at times with imagery, using the energy for hiking.

Fight or flight is just the release of neurotransmitters, adrealine and cortisol combined with physiological changes.

Nothing to fear, it is our own defense mechanism.



Healing has great RISK!

Pixabay: suju



My mind has tendencies, patterns, old habits that were functional surviving childhood abuse.


Meditation/Mindfulness builds Focus, allows me to see my Destructive thought patterns.


Awareness always comes first. We can not fix what we can not see or refuse to Recognize.


We need to let go of our created storyline of justification, and risk being vulnerable in the present moment.


Healing has great RISK!


It feels safer not risking, but suffering GROWS.


It is our human dilemma.


The fact is whether we risk or play it safe and hide, we die the same day, same hour, same minute.


There is no Behavior that grants us an extra day, week or year.


So Why not risk?


It is the most important question impacting your healing.


If you are going to heal, risk is part of your journey.


Nothing to lose but your suffering.



I do not ask for an easy life, only the tools to face my challenges head on!



Life has enormous challenges or adversity as some would say.

Some seem to have greater adversity, large loss and meager assets.

Yes life is not fair.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, acquiring PTSD in childhood, I have gratitude for having the skills to escape that prison.

My journey has given me the skills to help others heal from PTSD.

Seems there is a bigger good or picture on my journey.

Gratitude has helped me cope with loss and life.

I would not changed my childhood, my suffering, my life, it has made me who I am!

Was this the lesson, I was to learn?



Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.



Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.

Does that seem like a harsh, uncaring statement?

The real tragedy is not taking action, suffering until we die!

I have come across many people suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression or another mental disorder.

Sadly, only a few realize healing or wellbeing is a choice.

Even fewer accept this challenge and take daily action.

Human nature would rather endure a familiar suffering than risk change, even when change may hold a better life.

I have grappled with trying to inspire them, trying to get them to see their behavior powers their suffering.

My words are the same, why do some take action and improve, while the vast majority continue to suffer without any effort to heal.

Our mind helps inspire our recovery or we suffer with our created storyline of justification.

If we are not tying to heal, we have avoided taking responsibility for our journey.

Healing does not happen from a pill or from some external force.

Healing happens with daily action, persistent effort and lots of courage.

This is the path less traveled.



Taking any action moves us out of the victimhood house.



If you suffer from a mental disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc., action is mandated.

How would you describe your situation, if you are not taking any daily action to heal?

That would signal defeat for me, I had quit. I had given up!

Wow, no way I am joining that team.

I rather be dead than live a victims life.

I believe in “Never give in, Never give up” a 1000%.

It is a choice.

If you are not trying, do you expect healing to happen on its own?

Do you think a therapist is going to heal you?

Do you avoid holding yourself responsible.

Victims take no responsibility or daily action to heal.

Healing is a choice to take daily action or surrender.



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