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Good Will Hunting (Not Your Fault)

This scene from the movie Good Will Hunting is powerful. I like to imagine Robin Williams is speaking to me. Child abuse is not your fault. Your organism will understand this if you keep working at it.

What Healing Looks Like

This post has brought more attention than we thought possible.

We think it is because this shows healing and Alex describes music with such passion, he has found a way to enter into that space with mindfulness.  We all can see how the music envelopes his whole body and soul now, without his attachments from childhood to cloud his view.

Alex illustrates someone like us, who was trapped in disassociation about performance, character and perfection from childhood.  His ambition and passion were always out there and not close enough to see clearly or be able to be mindful.  We can see, he has succeeded and this is what a small shift of not being capable of failure can do for you.  

We do not know what day or what hour a shift occurs.  That is why leaving goals alone and concentrating on mindfulness daily heals us.

This is a friend of mine, Alex, who until recently worried about his performance on the piano.  Music begins at 2:48.

Childhood events formed his attitude – much like the rest of us.  He always used to play filled with tension and fearful of a mistake.  He was scared of not being perfect which in turn caused pain. He became tortured by the instrument he so passionately loved.

He recently realized trying to play flawlessly, like Chopin, was trying to be someone else.  He accepted that his effort was enough.  This was the first shift.  He then began to practice the inability to fail for a half of an hour a day.

He would slow down his hands and pay close attention to the feel of what he was doing.

Discoveries of things like this heal us also.  What are you drawn to? 

Explore it. Please.

Be Your Own John Wooden

Maybe we could use this man for our coach.  We need some encouragement and wisdom on our path for inspiration and guidance.

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