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updated: Awareness of the Whole Self —–Linda Graham, a neuroscientist describes self! no self sort of!!!!!!


We learned in chapter 3 to develop the awareness that all emotions and sensations of the body are transient, as are all contents, processes, states, and traits of mental activity.
Awareness — the state of mind that observes all of that coming and going as coming and going — is itself not coming and going.
Our awareness of that greater awareness may come and go; most of us lose awareness of awareness in our busy daily lives.
But the awareness itself is ever present, always ready to be rediscovered any time we choose to focus our attention.
When we find the space between the stimulus and the response, we alter the rhythm of our doing; we wake up and create space for being.
Awareness is the knowing, not the contents that are known.
We can experience it as a vast sky that can hold all the clouds and storms moving through it.
We usually pay more attention to the contents of clouds and storms than to the sky that contains them.
As the Zen teaching tells us, when we are in a contracted state of mind, it’s like looking at the sky through a pipe.
With mindfulness of awareness, we become adept at putting down the pipe and looking at the whole sky again.
My two cents:  Unbelievable, Each sentence is amazing to me!


Where do I start?

Giving without regard for reward has many benefits.


Giving this way, opens up our compassion center.


Gratitude will grow when you help others, a great side effect.


Life looks and feels different when giving takes over.


If you need a purpose, none better than giving.


Gratitude and giving change us, transforms us, offers us the space where wellbeing and happiness live.


Besides my family, giving is the most precious possession I have.

That awareness has developed with daily meditation and practice.


Besides being a possession, giving is a boomerang.

Throw giving around and watch what comes back.


Even smiles and kind words have enormous power.

updated:_____ this is old but helpful….Breathing Track Basics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Need to Please: Mindfulness Skills to gain freedom from People Pleasing and Approval Seeking: Micki Fine

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“Another childhood dynamic contributes to feelings of unworthiness. As children, because our parents are bigger than we are and know more than we do, we believe that they’re all-powerful and wise. This belief is important in helping us feel safe, and because we rely on our caregivers for survival, it isn’t easily shaken. Therefore, we believe our caregivers even when they say or do things that are abusive, unloving, or unaccepting and then assume that we are innately flawed.



Then, to avoid being hurt again, we disconnect from our emotions and bodies, where we actually feel the sensations of love: warmth, expansiveness, ease, or tingling, to name a few.




This numbing becomes the norm.


In addition, because our original experience of love is receiving it from others, we believe that love originates outside of ourselves, and we look for proof of it from others (Welwood 2006).




This further disconnects us from our own nature of love.


Accordingly, we compulsively strive to earn love and are fearful of the possible consequence of not receiving it: abandonment.”

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I did not think my PTSD would return.


I did not think my PTSD would return.


I also, did not think I could heal, could feel inner peace, could be worthy, but I did.



Then a prescribed blood pressure med, or more accurately its side effect, ignited my nervous system and old triggers.



I did not think my mind would dissociate so easily without constant awareness.


My judgments of healing and mindfulness dreamed of a euphoric life, of few negative thoughts, fewer unworthy images and an easy, happy existence.


In reality, my life has changed dramatically but the adversity and daily challenges test my centeredness and calm.


It truly is a journey, a journey with daily choices.


I could be sad, could be depressed at times. My meditation practice gives me a choice, be present, neutral and calm or suffer.



I still have worry and doubt at times. Worry creeps in stealthily, unbeknownst to me at first, then I catch  negative emotions arriving.


I feel loss at times, then know it is a judgment, air unless I give it power.


Gratitude, humility and giving are the tools I use to counter my “Ego’s” need for control.



I did not think it would be so challenging, so hard, so harsh after so much work.


My abusive childhood, my violent, critical upbringing, has left deep ruts in my subconscious.



At least now, my “Ego” sits in the back seat of my car.


It is not perfect but no one said it would be.


I am grateful I have tools to make good choices.

Updated: My path was different, reading and following books replaced failed therapies!



My blog has always been very positive. Lately some have questioned how I have made this journey seem easy. This is a post to share the challenges I faced.



I was read poetry in therapy sessions when I was triggered and my nervous system extremely upset. I would sit shaking from trauma while my therapist read Louis Hayes.



This was not even a good distraction skill.   During my journey, one intuitive would ignite my trauma, having me visualize my little Marty’s, 5,7,9,12 year olds sitting around a big table with my father, my abuser.



I always departed far more terrified than when I arrived.    When we start our healing path we are naive,  clueless.   The time wasted searching for a way out,  cost me five years of my life.



This did damage because no integration was happening. I was paying for someone to supervise me dissociating into my trauma, triggering intense fear without the skill to integrate. Wish I had those wasted ducketts back.




My complex PTSD deepened, intensified as my daily suffering grew.   I was lost and being sabotaged by the  professionals.




This ended with a severe case of agoraphobia, locked in a dark garage, more terrified than any other time in my life.   My professional help took me to a place where my mind was frozen, my body would shake for hours as an unknown fear, worse than death haunted me.




Haunted me!!!!!




My reprieve was my abuser demanded perfection on a baseball field and that taught me skills of persistence, a never give up attitude, and courage.   I was isolated my whole childhood by a controlling narcissist.



Narcissist isolate you for total control.   Healing, going it alone with books did not feel strange for me.   My fathers abuse created the skills I needed to heal.   Ironic, no?



I believe my healing would have taken maybe six months not five years with what I know now.   The benefit was the experience I gained along the way.    This blog was created to fill in the voids I faced.



I turned to books, books on therapy, books on neuroscience, books on war-time PTSD, books on survivor personalities and books on meditation.



I read, practiced and applied with an aggressive type intensity.    This was not drastic for me.   I was pro athlete, comfortable with all out effort over six month periods.



I resorted back to my strengths and proceeded to attack PTSD like a competitive athlete would.   Somehow I knew intuitively healing was an internal battle.



Healing like this has given me a command, an insight into this process.


I dug out of a deep hole following my intuitive guide, a very organic journey.



What questions do you take into a new Therapist?




Do your clients improve, heal in a timely manner? Please share!



Do you demand your clients do homework, take action everyday to heal?



Are you invested in caring about your clients healing, wellbeing?




Therapists are taught to be neutral, not my definition of a healer!



Do you feel an urgency for me to heal as fast as possible?



This one is from an online therapist, “How do you practice self-care”?  (



Could you damage yourself using this broken mirror?  Someone thinks so!



The most important question is asked before you go to the therapist, looking in the mirror.



Am I willing to take action, all out effort to heal?



If you answer yes to that, eventually you will find a therapist who fits.



Took me many therapies, many therapists before I stumbled on a mindfulness based ACT therapy.



If we want to heal, we never give up, never diminish our effort on this healing journey.



Healing is our responsibility, not that therapist.



That therapist will not heal you!



Pick a good one and they will help you heal!

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