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America’s Crisis



Homelessness has increased 32% in Eugene since last year.

In most towns I have lived in, the homelessness was isolated in a few areas, in Eugene, they are everywhere.

The state of Oregon failed to open its new mental health facility because of money.

One of the greatest fears inside my chronic pain group was homelessness.

Our spines were damaged, our ability to work, to support ourselves was gone.

In a way, we felt helpless. We lived in fear.

Now, my compassion center is overworked every time I get in my car.

Every trip to the grocery, I buy an extra slice of pizza for the homeless on the corner.

Hard to be happy with all this suffering surrounding us.

Any thoughts on this subject?



Thinking: What we know



From “The Method: 5 Inquiry Steps to Enlightenment”

Everything you *think* you know is second-hand knowledge.

Everything you know without thinking is what you *actually* know.

See for yourself right now.

Become quiet for a moment; when your thoughts finally dissolve into silence, notice what knowledge remains when thinking isn’t happening.

What do you still know with absolute certainty?

Eventually, you’ll see that awareness of consciousness is the only knowledge that survives this inquiry.

This is your primary knowledge.

Navigating the world for practical reasons can require a great deal of second-hand knowledge.

To maintain your sense of self and the imagined world that this self inhabits, second-hand knowledge is critical.

While you need second-hand knowledge to navigate the world for practical reasons, you don’t actually need it to maintain yourself.

Maintenance is only needed if something can stop working.

Who you really are can’t stop working because it doesn’t ‘work’ in the first place… it simply IS.






Everyone seems to agree with this quote.

What do we do when that negative person is looking back at us in the mirror?

I was my worst enemy, my worst critic wrapped up inside my own body.

No accomplishment, nothing I could attain or earn ever changed that prison.

Change happened internally.

Negative feelings and thoughts were released, let go, fading into space.

The mind holds on to old habits fiercely, so daily practice is needed.

Let go of a negative thought about yourself everyday.

Self soothe, immerse yourself in a blanket of kindness



I stopped looking for a Cure.



I stopped looking for a cure, a fix, the secret, a plan to stop my suffering.

My shelves were full of self-help books, devoured with high hopes, always disappointed with the results.

I envisioned being healed, tried to replicate what that would feel like, then embraced the idea it would happen.

Still waiting on that plan to materialize.

A revelation occurred one day. My search of the external, finding a cure out there, was misguided.

There was nothing I could attain, accomplish or seek that would cure me.

What a paradigm change, external to internal.

I stopped searching, fortunately.

With mindfulness/meditation I found an internal way of being.

Healing was an internal journey.

All there was to life laid before me, seemingly mundane moments of daily life.

I had to realize momentary pleasure had no connection to happiness.

Sitting still in a no thought stage, brought clarity, opened my compassion center and changed my life.

All my thoughts about what healing would look like or feel like were erroneous.

It is like love. Let’s deal with love of our children.

Try to describe this pure love for your children.

Cognitive ideas and words can not touch how real love feels.

Being focused, in a no thought stage, is another thoughtless situation words can not define or understand.

Let your mind rest, let thoughts clear as you build focus, expand your compassion and chase happiness.

Mindfulness/Meditation is not an intellectual property. You can not read a book or take a class and reap its benefits.

Mindfulness/Meditation has to be practiced, we have to sit quietly with our demons.

It is the path less traveled, I am sure!



Thoughts again bring so many issues!

Bowie my grandson



Hooking up to our Aware Presence? What is it?

You can observe your Aware Presence when thought fades, when focus sharpens, when clarity arrives.

What is it, though? It does not have any memory, any idea of a past or future, and lacks ability to judge.

I am happier in a place where judgment fades. Lost in thought is a recipe for suffering.

If you believe happiness is connected to our Aware Presence, meditation is the train we ride, together.

Are you happier lost in thought or connected to your Aware Presence?

If we looked at the big picture, we would change the way we live.



Zen Things

My two cents: Get away from time, being late, in a hurry, racing, for a while, just be in the middle of whatever is happening, a curious observer.

Let go of any tension, surrender to those fears, be curious.




Some designer created a wordless, thoughtless side of the brain to balance the literal cognitive side.



The bracketed comments were added by me [my two cents].

Bouncing Back”– Rewriting your Brain for Maximum Resilience: Linda Graham

“Left hemisphere: Verbal processing: Language, Speech, Symbols

Right Hemisphere: nonverbal processing: visual images, body movements, emotions, experiences in relationship

[Observing without thought]

Left hemisphere: linear processing (one bit of data after another in sequence)

[The Ego sees/lives in the minutia]

Right hemisphere: holistic processing (seeing the big picture)

Left hemisphere: logical, rational processing: abstract reasoning and analysis, cause and effect.

[Thinking, Comparing, Judging, Evaluating, Filing]

Right hemisphere: emotional processing, including processing of facial expressions in fusiform gurus,


Left hemisphere: Sense of social and emotional self”

[A made up separate self, we call “Ego”]



My two cents: Our mind craves many things. At the top of the list is balance.

Look how much time we spend on the left side compared to the right hemisphere.

All that thinking, judging, comparing needs a counterbalance, a time of focus, emptiness and calm.

Fasting for the mind, we give up thought everyday for short focused periods is the answer.

Balance your mind, travel to the creative, expansive, wordless side.



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