My thoughts on Control



In my opinion, many think we control our life, our destiny.

In my generation, college was a way to get control of our future.

Control seems to be linked to success, power and possessions.

One thing I have no control of, the 60,000 thoughts that show up everyday.

My influence comes from reacting or not reacting to these thoughts.

A good percentage of my daily thoughts bring worry, doubt, fear and anxiety (childhood trauma).

This is my daily battle, let the noise go or grasp and suffer.

The battle is lost if we engage these unworthy thoughts.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders incubate around thinking.

Negative emotional thought can dominate life.

If you suffer from PTSD or depression you have experienced the suffering caused by rumination in our past trauma.

The “Ego” believes he/she can control our life through these past thoughts.

If we grant this control, we are a victim and life is full of suffering.



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