Abusive childhoods have a big, nasty inner Critic!!!!!!



Bring your inner critic out before you sit (Meditate).



Listen to the criticism, hear without grasping, feel without internalizing.



Hug your inner critic, he/she is just trying to protect us, he/she believes.



Let the storyline alone, envision inner peace filling your lungs, soothing the inner critic.



We are not destroying the inner critic, we are engulfing him/her in an approval bath.



Soothe your inner critic with inner peace, approval and acceptance.



Put your hand over your body part that identifies with your inner critic (solar plexus, stomach, throat, or between the shoulder blades).



You are fine, secure, safe and perfect.



My inner critic has the angry, emotional voice of my father.



I understand his judgment was not accurate, kind or humane.



In this moment, right now, I bathe in inner peace and acceptance.



No dialogue or thought is involved in this specific practice.

One response to this post.

  1. This post is alive for me as I sit today.

    As I read it again, it is evident I am in the middle of my battle again.

    Engaged in lethal conflict with my childhood abuse, some days have this unattached anxiety and imminent danger lurking.

    I know all that is bullshit, nothing is lurking but thought, and old memories

    I need to process all that I have stirred up.

    This is the path to healing, awkward, anxious and scary at times, I admit.

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