“Approval”. We need more self-approval


Let’s start small. Yesterday on “Thriving Under Pressure”, a blog I follow, Andrea asks if we can not complain for 24 hours, one day.


This is exactly how habits begin, how healing starts, how change can happen.


Now, let’s add approval as a substitute. Every time we feel the urge to complain, we give ourselves approval.


We approve everything about us right now. We approve of the past, our vulnerabilities, our strengths and our seldom indiscretions


Certain words talk to us. Compassion did not resonate for me, inner peace feels soothing. While meditating with inner peace, the word “Approval” appeared on a big billboard.


Yes, I will give myself the approval I missed in childhood from myself.


Self approval is the ultimate.


Someone else’s approval can change to criticism.


Every seen anyone get divorced. We sure approved of our wife or husband at our marriage. That’s a big jump from pledging till death do us part to divorce, I hate you.


We can give ourself approval every time something negative pops up.


Does not cost a thing to approve of you!

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