“Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness” : My new read;


“But trauma, I’ve since learned, is less about the content of an event than about the impact—sudden, and then ongoing—that it has on our physiology.



As veteran trauma specialist Pat Ogden wrote, “any experience that is stressful enough to leave us feeling helpless, frightened, overwhelmed, or profoundly unsafe is considered a trauma.”


From witnessing or experiencing violence, to losing a loved one, to being targeted by oppression,† people can experience trauma in a variety of ways.



And, contrary to what I once believed, addressing different forms of personal trauma doesn’t minimize the importance of someone else’s more severe injury.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for the resources. And for sharing your reflections Marty. I am grateful.

  2. Thank you for the gratitude and your insights you share.

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