Beginners to experts: “Altered States”




“Another difference between amateurs and experts has to do with how they practice.



Amateurs learn the basic moves of the skill—whether golf, chess, or, presumably, mindfulness and the like—and very often level off after about fifty hours of improving through practice.


For the rest of the time their skill level stays about the same—further practice does not lead to great improvements.



Experts, on the other hand, practice differently.



They do intensive sessions under the watchful eye of a coach, who suggests to them what to work on next to get even better.



This leads to a continuous learning curve with steady improvements.



These findings point to the need for a teacher, someone more advanced than you are, who can give you coaching on how to improve.”
My two cents: Books or blogs can also be a teacher.



A curious mind, a spirit to explore and a willpower to never give up are key.

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