Healing takes action not thought

“Rule of survival: Pack your own parachute.”


T.L. Hakala
My two cents: We are responsible for our own happiness or suffering.



Taking responsibility for healing or happiness comes with daily effort and action.



Thinking about healing or being happy does not influence our condition.



Doing nothing brings suffering. PTSD grows as time passes, gains strength and becomes more debilitating. Depression grows with isolation and inaction.



Action is closer to life, sedentary closer to death.



Change is inevitable, so adapting, taking action is part of living fully.



Have a daily practice plan (action not reading or thinking) whether you devote 15 minutes or 60 minutes a day.


Add strenuous aerobic exercise to flush the toxins, to secrete endorphins to soothe our pains and to bring accomplishment to both mind and body.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Here’s a quote I always recite. “Faith without work is dead.!

  2. Whatever works literally for each of us.

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