Resistance, resist, at all cost!


Resist allowing your mind to leave this present moment.



The mind goes into default mode, growing the self and all his/her issues.



The repetitive, negative storyline of I, me, mine flourishes in its emotional drama and doubt.



Suffering thrives inside the mind”s default mode, happiness thrives in this present moment, when the mind is empty and focused.



Meditation/Mindfulness lets the worry, doubt and suffering wane, lose power.



Life is a journey, definitely not a destination.



Call it a moment to moment choice, battle, war or challenge, but resist with all your might.



Fight for each moment, each day until we exit.



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  1. Posted by jeanetteirene on April 25, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    OMG Marty, The theme this week is so perfect for my present moments in time. I am a therapist who works with many people. A former client of 9 years (who stayed in contact) is suicidal. I have been flooded by email/text communication about the woes and good-byes. I know I must stay in my ‘trained’ self, but my PTSD baggage is rearing it’s head. Your blog theme of saying present helped me yesterday and today. I will survive if I stay present. Thank you.

  2. Your welcome

    I was inspired by a book on survival personality

    It detailed Bataan death march, concentration camp survivors and the rugby team in the Andes and others. The human will and spirit are capable of enormous endurance

    Many mindfulness traits are survivor personality traits

    I worked on wishing inner peace for my enemies or abusers

    Thoughts are air without action or acceptance

    We can always feel our emotions completely then let go

    Bring compassion to yourself for your plight then bring compassion to your client

    Good luck

  3. Needed those thoughts-share the peace inside

  4. Posted by Victoria Morgan on April 27, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    True to itself my PTSD had a physical attack…sadlya person of power in my life molested me last week. I’ve spent the past week pushing away my true pain. I’m guilty of flirting with him but I didn’t expect the outcome.

    My prayer, yoga and meditation and a few girlfriends have provided good support but I’m still hurt.

  5. Life can be harsh and living is not easy. Seeing a therapist may also be of help.

    Trauma is stored differently and is not accessible consciously, so healing can be difficult.

    Good luck

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