Let’s talk wellbeing, happiness!


Wellbeing or happiness is not dependent on situations, geography, status, accomplishment or achievement.


Wellbeing or happiness is not excluded because of loss, crisis, sadness, attitude, poverty or handicap.


Wellbeing or happiness does not exist in the past or future.


Wellbeing or happiness hides inside each breath, each mundane event, each visual our eyes encounter, only in this current moment.


Our goal is to not get stuck on any joyous, sad or traumatic moment.


Change is inevitable, we wither and die, so do not get stuck and waste one breath.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Internal joy seems to be the premise of every post I read today. Maybe that’s my daily message today. 💞

  2. My daughter who has a degree in child psychology does not share my belief that happiness is different from emotions

    Joy sadness depression wellbeing etc can last only short intervals

    Well I guess we can be angry and sad for longer periods

    Happiness in the mindfulness sense in the zen Buddhist sense is a way of living

    An internal journey of each moment

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