“Self Compassion Skills Workbook”: Positive Psychology


Researchers who study well-being—positive psychologists—have concluded overwhelmingly that happiness comes from a well-defined set of skills and attitudes.



As we develop compassion, gratitude, optimism, and mindfulness, we learn that happiness is available in each moment of life.



In fact, the present moment is the only place that happiness can be found.



If we want to be happy in the future, the best thing we can do is to find happiness in the present.



Researchers have found that contentment and happiness do not come from getting the things we want in life—such as financial wealth, a new car, or career success.

In fact, even major external events affect our well-being for only a relatively short period of time.



For example, people who win the lottery are back at their previous level of happiness just 6 months after they won, on average. (Better material conditions can have a more lasting effect on happiness, however, for people struggling under poverty or other great hardships.)



It seems clear, therefore, that many of us waste our time looking for happiness in the wrong places.



We believe that happiness will be possible only if we can solve this problem or achieve that goal.



We think it’s something that we can win in the future, but that it could never be possible right now.



This perspective prevents us from being happy, and it is the cause of much needless suffering in the world.


Instead of trying to find happiness by improving the external conditions in our lives, we can recognize that happiness comes from developing specific skills—and we can focus our attention on developing them.



When we have strengthened our capacity to notice what is beautiful in the present moment, our happiness will no longer be so dependent on the changing conditions in our lives.


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