Mind and body, nuts and bolts

Recently I cut out sugar in my diet. Some withdrawal symptoms were expected, my nervous system exploding was not.


My PTSD resurrected its anxious worry, its feeling of imminent danger. I was transported back to a place where my symptoms were powerful again.


During my strenuous hikes uphill, muscles ached while my endurance crumbled. My legs felt like heavy weights, screaming to stop hiking.



After two weeks of suffering, my body returned to its old normal.



Our wellbeing depends on mind and body. One follows the other in worry or joy.



We can push the body rigorously, attaining achievement, gaining physical benefits which the mind shares happily.



We can focus the mind, engage our parasympathetic nervous system, deplete cortisol, ease pain and calm the whole body.



We can also with emotional thought prepare the body for lethal threat.



Next influence is diet, what we put into our bodies. Many disorders are impacted by what we eat and drink.



Take care of your body, eat right, get enough sleep and exercise for the health of your mind, too.

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