A current response to the dissociation post!



I am having many somatic symptoms from last 2 years
I am also have dissociation 24/7 .
No one is able to find whats wrong with me all the tests have been done . Have even gone for cbt but nothing helped ..
As you said some dissociative parts are stuck that is the reason for the symptoms but how to release them ..
My response:

This is a complex issue, the solution simple, specific and repeatable. Our minds want to go fast, ruminate in the past or predict the future.


We start with awareness. Bring focus to your mind, your thoughts, your emotions.


It is a thousand small thoughts, we catch during the week, that changes our habit. It takes only a couple of seconds to let  a thought go.


If you want to enhance your awareness, learn to Meditate and strengthen your focus.



We learn to stay present when a trigger explodes which will help integrate stuck parts.



Takes daily practice to make a change like this.

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