Altered Traits: amygdala dual role!


“The amygdala connects strongly to brain circuitry for both focusing our attention and for intense emotional reactions.



This dual role explains why, when we are in the grip of anxiety, we are also very distracted, especially by whatever is making us anxious.



As the brain’s radar for threat, the amygdala rivets our attention on what it finds troubling.



So when something worries or upsets us, our mind wanders over and over to that thing, even to the point of fixation—like the viewers of the shop accident film when they saw Al’s thumb approach that wicked saw blade.”
Actually parts of the left prefrontal cortex shut down, causing confusion, a feeling our mind has partially seized.



If we try to cognitively control this situation, the amygdala will intensify its threat assessment.



We practice mindfulness daily for this exact situation.



Now, we focus on our breath, observing our fight or flight mechanism calm down.


Letting go of the storyline is the road less traveled.



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