Focused and Fearles: Daily meditation




“With some practice, you may notice that your attention gradually becomes steady and is not so easily scattered by stray thoughts or the barrage of passing sights, sounds, and sensations.



The mind is beginning to compose itself in present-moment awareness.



As you begin to feel this gathering of mental energies, notice any lightness or happiness that might arise.



Notice the ease and even relief that comes from ceasing to roam through the fields of sensory stimuli.



As this ease intensifies, it will eventually manifest as the quality described as “delight and happiness born of seclusion.”

This describes the pleasure that characterizes the first level of jhana. Stay aware of this quality of ease.

Let your entire body and mind be saturated with the feeling of happiness born of this seclusion.

This happiness is entirely wholesome.

It is a healing and joyful energy, intrinsic to the concentrated mind.

This happiness is not based in craving; it does not depend on nor condition states of greed, hatred, or delusion.

There is nothing to fear from this feeling.

Throughout this practice, I encourage you to experience non-sensual happiness fully and completely.

Let the mind be drenched in it.

Allow the experience of spiritual happiness to deepen.”

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