When we are triggered, anxious, depressed, confused or stressed out, what are the options?


Accept: First, we limit ruminating, thinking about the causes, consequences or impact. That means we try to limit the duration of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. We accept these thoughts exist without trying to influence them.



Distraction is a tool we can use. We occupy our time keeping busy, keeping active. Aerobic exercise performed with forceful effort brings many benefits. Do not be sedentary, take some action. Strenuous effort works best. Push yourself, strive, want to feel better.



Focus: We apply our mindfulness practice. We enter mundane tasks. I am preparing the best meal with the current ingredients for my family. Bring awareness to your purpose. Much easier to prepare the best meal for family than an unpleasant chore we reluctantly complete.



Gratitude: Replace the anxious, stressful, or frightful thoughts with gratitude. Gratitude brings a calm, a peaceful feeling. Knowing we are blessed with all we need, changes panic, alters despair and bolsters our resolve.



Affirmations: With each anxious thought and emotion, greet them with an affirmation! In this moment, right now, I accept all of me. In this moment right now, I accept all my eyes see, my ears hear, nose smells and skin senses.



Acceptance is thoughtless.

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