Thoughts are ephemeral, transparent, fleeting, air without attention


How can we gauge our mindfulness practice, life.


Answer: Our thoughts!


Take a look at how much time you spend lost in thought. Dissociation is our worst enemy, endless thought, worry, doubt, and judgment.


This is fuel for depression, anxiety, PTSD and suffering. This is the building block for our continued suffering.


Replace these dissociative moments, trade them in for being in the moment. Observe what your eyes see, ears hear, nose smells, skin feels without judgment.


Look at the mundane things and situations with a wonderment, like it is brand new. Enter the task at hand, be the knife cutting the vegetables, slow down the process.


Big changes start with small adjustments.


Adjust where you place your attention.


Where we place our attention impacts our life more than any other skill or practice.

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