Thought and judgment are Complex, healing is extremely simple!



After reading a 100 books, after meditating five hours a day for five years, after the realization of how enormous, how complex this journey is, the solution remains very simple and small!



Large, enormous change happens with simple, small, but extremely powerful actions.



Thought does not heal, small, repetitive actions seem to bring healing to our doorstep.



The more I thought about my trauma and ways to heal, the more I suffered and the deeper I went.



Learning to just be aware, started my journey. Nothing big.



Then I practiced focusing on my breath, a lot. I was not very good at meditating at first but I balanced that with daily persistence.



Letting go of thought and judgment followed.



Acceptance was next and strenuous.



Awareness, Focus, letting go and acceptance hardly make up a sentence. Compare that to the complexity of our mind. We have one with a million zeroes behind it as possible opportunities at the cellular level.



Those simple, repetitive actions changed my life, my personality.



I lived as an introvert the first 60 years of life, that changed when I healed.



An extrovert emerged, a person I did not know.




My therapist said my father had repressed my true Personality with his abuse.



I would not change my childhood, my abuse formed who I am.



Took me a long, long while to be ok with me!

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