Found this on a discussion board commenting on Awareness versus thought!  


Note: please don’t go word by word meaning in the following comparison.



Say for example if I say ‘Boss’ and ‘Servant’ the essence is to mean the hierarchy and should be taken light.



Too much of Logic and Hanging on to words will always trap you inside ego and you can never progress.


Words are mere pointers and they only serve to that extent.


1. Awareness is Non Dual – Thoughts/Mind (Mind = Stored Thoughts) create Duality
2. Awareness is Primary – Thoughts arise in/from Awareness
3. Awareness does not judge – Judgement arises in/from Awareness as Thoughts
4. Awareness is Boss – Thoughts are Servants
5. Awareness is Passive (Does not Act/command)- Thoughts are Active
6. Awareness does not come and go – Thoughts Manifest and die
7. Awareness does not change – Thoughts Change
8. Awareness is Non Reactive – Thoughts are reactive
9. Awareness is Whole – Thought is a part of Awareness
10. Awareness is Now – Mind/Thoughts create Past and Future
11. Awareness is Static – Thoughts are Dynamic
12. Awareness has no memory – Thoughts become mind/memories
13. Awareness is Unconditioned – Thoughts are conditioned
14. Awareness is felt as Being – Mind/Thoughts create Illusions
15. Awareness is Beyond Space and Time – Mind/Thoughts create Space and Time
16. Awareness can exist without Thoughts – Thoughts can not exist without Awareness
17. Awareness is Self Illuminating – Thoughts are not Self Illuminating
18. Awareness is never Born or Dies – Thoughts are Born and Dies Out
19. Awareness is the real You – Thoughts are the the fake You (Ego)
20. Awareness is Substratum of All – Thoughts are Private
21. Awareness is All that Exists – Thoughts are Individual
22. Awareness is Eternal – Thoughts are Temporal
23. Awareness stays in Background – Thoughts come in the foreground
24. Awareness is like Ocean – Thoughts are like Waves in the Ocean
25. Awareness has no Thoughts – Thoughts arise in Awareness and shield Awareness
26. Awareness does not Observe – Observation arises in Awareness as temporary act
27. Awareness is Silence/Stillness – Thoughts are Noisy/Turbulence
28. Awareness is Bliss – Thoughts are Dredgery
29. Awareness is the womb – Thoughts are Children
30. Awareness is Rejuvenating – Thoughts are Taxing
31. Awareness is Absolute Reality – Thoughts are Illusions
32. Realization of Awareness is Self Realization/Enlightenment – Being Thoughtly(!) is worldly
33. Awareness is Godly – Thoughts are Ignorance


Awareness means :

You are just Aware (Self Illuminating & Self Evident)
You are the Very Awareness (Unified)
You are not Aware of your Awareness (creates separation)
One can only be the Non Duality/Awareness
Mind Being Limited, One can never understand Non Duality/Awareness
Alas ! We just put the Cart (Thoughts) before the Horse (Awareness) and ignore the Horse (Awareness) !!!!!!

Alas ! We just play the Movies (Thoughts) and ignore the Screen (Awareness) !!!!!!

Alas ! We just see the Clouds (Thoughts)and ignore the Sky (Awareness) !!!!!!

Alas ! We just read the Text (Thoughts) and ignore the Page (Awareness) !!!!!!

It just requires a Milli Second to realize this ever present Awareness.

Awareness is One and All

Awareness is self Illuminating and exist not as a Thought but exist as pure awareness. That which is self illuminating does not require a mind to know its existence. A Burning Light does not require yet another light to be shown its presence. Awareness is like that. A Tree is Aware without Mind. An amoeba is aware without Mind. An atom is aware without Mind. A chair would disintegrate into atoms if it does not posses awareness. Everything is Aware in the Universe. This awareness is not of Thoughts /Mind but as Pure Awareness. If Awareness were not aware of its presence or existence, nothing could have come out as offshoots from the Singular Awareness. Since, awareness presupposes all existence it should be aware of its existence. If Awareness is not aware of its existence, it should be called ‘Unawareness’ which is not the case. The whole universe is fully aware right from the bosons to big galaxies as they are fundamentally nothing but awareness in disguise. According to Scientific Theories the whole Universe would have collapsed in an instant if the parameters governing the universe would have errored 1/Trillionth. This goes on to prove that all are nothing but one Awareness in disguise.

Awareness and Thoughts are like Ocean and Waves. They are one and the same appearing different. When Awareness moves it becomes a Thought

Thoughts can not Think. They are mere off shoots. Mind is assemblage of Thoughts. That is, Mind is stored thoughts. There is nothing separately called Mind. So there is only Awareness. Awareness only exists. Thoughts arise in Awareness as offshoots. When thoughts are stilled in Awareness, it attains its original pure state of Awareness. Hence Awareness and Thoughts are like Ocean and Waves. Looking very sharply one can conclude that ‘Awareness alone is Absolute Truth and Absolute Reality’ and all else are mere offshoots from Awareness/Consciousness which means Awareness only truly exists. This proves the fact that Adavaita is really correct in its finding. This should be carefully observed, understood and realized. One should not get carried away by Appearances, Differences and Variations as they are mere Illusions.

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