A viewer asks: What does this practice entail and what is the ultimate benefit?


This practice entails a simple, concrete, immediate, and passionate focus on our breath, a repetitive learned skill, a safe way of training the mind.



It is a very simple, very powerful, mundane looking, daily practice. We need to invest a minimum 20 minutes a day of calm but intense focus practice.



It is a repetitive practice that builds focus starting with the mastery of one breath. It starts slow and has no time-table or goals.



I recommend working on one breath, then pause and evaluate. If you start trying to Meditate for ten minute or longer, you will get lost in thought and become frustrated.



Meditation unfolds best at its own pace without our judgments or bias. No goals, let your journey be thought free, give it a chance to blossom, trust it fully.



The whole practice is based on one breath, a reason so many overlook simple as weak.



This practice entails the simplest, easiest and quickest way to heal disorders, to find calm, peace of mind and eventually happiness.



It is an internal investigation of discovery into our nervous system and inner world.



We become friends first with our nervous system, as the breath activates our parasympathetic nervous system, the brakes, slowing our mind to focus and be at its most powerful.



We are most powerful, most capable of extraordinary accomplishment, true happiness or access to our joyful emotions when the mind is empty and totally present.


That is the ultimate benefit of mindfulness, freedom and happiness.



The need for approval, the feelings of unworthiness, of doubt, of worry and fear diminish greatly on this path.



This daily practice is a way of living, the same description I would describe happiness, our ultimate goal.



Our compassion center opens, empathy flourishes, our gratitude grows then giving becomes connected to happiness.



The outside world is the same, it is our inner world that adjusts.

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  2. Posted by Laurie on January 26, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Thank you Marty!

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