So much of what I have learned has been small!!!!



Since my C-PTSD has resurfaced, I have actively tried to integrate it. In this process I agitated my nervous system which brought anxiety.


For me this morning, it was a feeling of something bad was going to happen. Totally unattached to anything specific, it is uncomfortable and annoying.



My mind was racing, my nervous system fueling that speed, my confusion started to take hold.



This is our moment of choice. Do we continue to think about the storyline or let it go, moving back to now.



My response this morning was to enter into the smallest of chores. Hanging up my daughter and grandkids shirts (blouses), I slowed down.



Each coat, blouse or shirt filled my mind totally. Nothing else existed for ten minutes.



I knew I was paying close attention to each garment because I was trying to make my loved ones, look as good as possible.



My nervous system calmed down as I entered that empty, focused, simple space.



Anxiety, trauma dies in this moment, when focused and empty.



Nothing is mundane.



Each act is the whole universe, then we move to the next moment.



Focusing on small things connects us to large amounts of wellbeing.



The “Breath” is the ultimate small thing with enormous power.



The mind functions least when going fast, filled, cluttered,  or confused.



It works best focused, empty, aware and present.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jennifertem on January 8, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    A Good reminder.

    Mindfulness takes DAILY practice. Even someone like you with your years of practice.

    Awareness of triggers and slowing breath. “What fires together wires together”.

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