Beyond Mindfulness: The Limits of Mindfulness


“In the beginning, mindfully shifting your attention again and again from thoughts and feelings to the sensations of the breath helps you counteract an old habit with a new one.


Accustomed to fixating on the stories, fantasies, daydreams, and memories that play out in your head, you’re now focusing instead on sensate experience, which is more immediate and more directly connected to the present moment.


Over time this attentional shift brings you into a more harmonious relationship with your body and your bodily felt experience and entrains you to pay attention to what’s happening right now, rather than to your interpretation of what’s happening.


Unlike thinking, direct sensation is a portal to the present, whereas thought generally transports you to an imaginary past or future.


As your practice matures, you’re able to expand your awareness for extended periods of time to include the full range of sensations, both inside and outside your body, and eventually to include thoughts and feelings as well, without getting caught up in them—the spacious awareness discussed earlier.
My two cents:
Funny a book “Beyond Mindfulness” has a header with the title, limits of mindfulness.

I strongly agree that it is a sensate practice.

Takes practice for our mind to tolerate being empty while going slow.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the post. I have recently started doing a lot of mindfullness I am glad to hear it works for you.

  2. mindfulness is a good
    start 🙂

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