Why Meditate”: Arouse this aspiration: after we sit give


“May the positive energy created not only by this meditation but all my good words, deeds, and thoughts—past, present, and future—help relieve the suffering of beings now and in the future.”


Wish from the bottom of your heart for war, famine, injustice, and all the suffering of poverty and physical or mental illness to be pacified through the power of what you have done.


Don’t think that such a dedication of the benefits of your action is like sharing a piece of cake among a thousand people, such that each person gets only a few crumbs. Think that every person receives the whole piece of cake.
My two cents:

We sit without goals or expectations.

We sit in a loving kindness space, giving to others without regard for reward. We offer our meditative practice to sentient beings, to the world.

When we sit offering support for others without reward, we discover this space has very little ego present.


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