Updated: It is the ability to focus, to concentrate, to steer our attention that alters the direction of our journey!


First, it is about being aware of our flaws and fears, then acceptance that allows us to let go, finally we can place our attention on this present moment.

Focus is impossible when the mind is filled with worry, doubt and unworthiness.

When we avoid, dissociate, and grasp the baton of failure, suffering ensues.

Condense life down to its basic simplicity.

We want to be happy.

Eliminate all thought and ideas which inhibit this pursuit.

Never entertain or say a negative thing about yourself.

Praise yourself with glowing adjectives, active verbs and magnificent figures of speech.

When looking for people you love, look in the mirror first.

Self love is the well from which happiness flows.

Accept, let go, be free and live fully.

Bring all attention in focus to this present moment.

7 responses to this post.

  1. There is no “how”. There is just simply “now” : )

  2. What awareness tells me about you, Jade,

    When a viewer wrote in describing his 62 years of life as suffering, you wanted to hug him.

    Monks hooked up on functional MRI’s had babies screaming in distress piped into their space.

    The result was not agitation or loss of concentration, as the American scientist believed, it was a vast increase in compassion.

    You are a healer , my judgment. You react the same

  3. Anger and Compassion cannot exist at the same time. If one understand another, s/he will be no longer angry. Let compassion be the compass to human’s heart.

  4. Posted by jennifertemp on January 20, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Jade your contribution to Marty’s post is a blessing. Thank you for your compassion and understanding of the message, and the path to happiness that we all have within us.

  5. Try playing an emotional mindful game, try and hold the opposite emotion you are currently experiencing.

    Hard to feel happy when you are pissed. Angry when you are joyful.

    Another practice is to step back from an emotion, take the breath and focus to the related body sensation.

    Notice, be aware of how quickly the emotion can fade, how emotions have a pattern.

    They arrive in our consciousness, stay a while then leave
    As the Daili Llama says they are visitors not our true self, more an appendage, surely not true happiness which endures not fade

  6. I am learning to be an observer of my mind rather than letting it have a hold of me and my emotions. I love this, this is me too.

  7. Excellent, I wish we could say in words to let there understand the clarity, peace and wellbeing.

    Hanks for the response

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