Acceptance in a different light, lite!


The thing we create for identity, you know, mine, me, “I”, is never content, equal or satisfied with himself/herself.

We can strive to achieve great things but to be happy, we must accept all of ourself right now.

We can easily accept our parts we are proud of, it is our vulnerabilities, our flaws, our weaknesses we manipulate and deny.

We may think feeling good, achieving things,  mirrors the most like true happiness, but it fades back to our empty soul.

Possessions, careers, status, power, and approval can dissipate. All these things are external, beyond our control.

All these things are impermanent, transparent and fleeting. Ask all the powerful men caught in these sex scandals how permanent their positions in life were.

Acceptance is extremely difficult to accomplish.

Try living the Buddhist precept of “Do no harm”.

Kind of easy when dealing with most people. Look in the mirror and try it on for size.

Do no harm means not entertaining negative thoughts, not putting harmful things in our bodies, not hanging around certain negative peers, not being sedentary, not being negative, not feel inferior or superior to anyone, etc.

Try accepting all of that!

  1. I try and still struggle with it everyday.

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