New Years Resolution: awareness!


Bring awareness to past resolutions. Why have they not changed our lives? Seems we have a plethora of self-help books and paths, more every year.


Why would we need so many more self-help books if one of them did the job! I was a consumer of many of those self-help books.


Human nature works against all those books of internal change. We would rather suffer a familiar pain than risk change, the unknown.


93% quit pursuing a New Years Resolution within the first month.




Change terrifies our “Ego”, threatens his/her control of our being.


If we would change, choosing to stay present instead of grasping thought, our “Ego” loses control.


The “Ego” rules using the 60,000 thoughts it brings forward everyday.  It is as literal as your keyboard, never equal to another “Ego” and constantly jockeys for control of our being and other “Egos”.


It wants to file away every scenario we could face daily. The “Ego” wants to run our life on autopilot. We drive our car, stop at red, go when green, yield to the car to the right at other intersections.


For every situation, he/she has the response cued up for us to act appropriately.


No wonder most New Year Resolutions dissolve within weeks or  months.


Maybe we need to change how we look at change and wellbeing?


Here’s a different resolution. I decided to free myself of past and current judgments.


When a judgment arrives, I ask myself, can I live without this judgment. Then I repeat my mantra of release, release, release.


Hard to believe we can gain so much by losing judgment.


Lighten your load, dump the trash.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jennifertem on January 1, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    Change takes effort and action. Scarey. Out of comfort zone. Focus more on gratitude and giving. Will change all aspects of your life for you and others.

  2. Yes!! Brilliant resolution. Awareness is paramount.
    Happy 2018!! 🎉

  3. Unbiased Awareness shines a light on reality.

    Every change springs from this source.

  4. Posted by survivorschroniclesblog on January 1, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    I felt this post in my soul. Very wise approach indeed. 8 is a number for change and new beginnings and I intend to make this year a year of letting go of the heavy antics of the past and be free and happy. Currently feel excited and happy for what this year holds and reading posts like yours which spread positivity and motivation is making me feel very hopeful. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed 2018😊🙌

  5. Thank you for your gratitude.

    Change brings awkward, uncomfortable feelings at first. Not unlike joining a gym or taking up ballroom dancing. We have to start and allow ourselves to be less than stellar, in fact being frustrated is part of the journey.

    We have to accept the awkward, the uncomfortable and the anxious to have access to joyful and happy.

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