Lining up our healing practice!


Let us train the brain, the mind to let go of all the negative, all the judgment, all the resentment, all the anger, all the unworthiness, all the helpless, hopeless thought and emotion.


We need to line up our healing, have all of our oars rowing in the right direction, then at the right cadence of our being.


First our self image needs affirmations repeated out-loud. This addresses the unworthiness we harbor.


Second, we initiate a daily focus practice (Meditation) along with constant application of staying present.


Third, Physical exercise, preferably aerobic to exhaustion for flushing the toxins, strengthening the mind and body, and mental and physical accomplishment.


Work on observing strong emotions, judgments or comparisons from a distance. Observe means a neutral, a distant look, like watching a rerun of a past eposode of your life.


A reun is over, already happened, impossible to change or influence. A complete waste of time and energy. Remember happiness only exists in the present moment, all other pursuit robs us.


Relax, smile, challenges are part of life, accept them and exert maximum effort with a positive attitude.


Results are not our concern!!!!!!


No matter what happens, our goal is to give maximum effort with the most positive attitude we can muster.


Then smile and enjoy the journey.

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