Let’s begin in the shower, first thing in the morning. Our mind will turn itself into planning the day before us.


This is the first opportunity of the day, first choice. Do we look forward to the day with enthusiasm? Do we search ways to avoid or navigate around people and things?


Are we in a foul mood, unhappy, agitated, resentful, angry at life and our position in it.


That foul mood is a choice! A conscious choice we can let go.


Every morning we can choose to be present, focused and enthusiastic.


Once again we control only ATTITUDE and EFFORT.


First thing in the morning is the perfect chance to choose the present good mood, right now.


Feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling depressed or anxious, steals minutes, hours and days, we will never get back.


Time on this earth is limited, act like it, be aware.


At least be aware when WE waste precious life.

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