Giving again



Giving needs no approval!

It seems that when we give in a loving kindness way, expecting no reward,  our ego is farthest away from consciousness.

This allows our true self to emerge, which heightens our intuitive skills.

That means emotions like worry, doubt, resentment, jealousy and unworthiness subside, disappear down the rabbit hole.

Basic neuroscience tells us what fires together wires together, thus giving, being in the present moment, empty of thought can become habit.

Giving needs no approval from anyone,  carries an energy and reward contained inside its offering.

Giving is a boomerang,  as Buddhist believe giver, receiver and the gift are all equal.

I have witnessed and experienced this phenomena many times.

Unlike possessions or achievements, giving is more permanent, more closely related to our true nature.

If your feeling down, depressed, unworthy or anxious, look for ways to give, help the less fortunate.

This is an important part of the road less traveled, the spiritual path to happy.

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  1. Posted by Jennifertem on December 29, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    It’s hard to believe this young girl, who died at 15 was so wise. She had a mindful spirit. She said “In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart”. Even more tragic considering the manner of her death she witnessed her mother and sister’s death and died of typhoid fever just a few months before liberation.

    It has been said, that possibly, if she knew her father had survived she might have lived.

  2. Many amazing stories and tragedy in World War Two. 60 million died. Look at Viktor Frankel’s story

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