The mind wants to go fast and handle complex thoughts. We are doing the exact opposite, slowing the breath while thoughts empty from our consciousness. Focus is our skill, the breath our focus object.

Inhale: Slow it down, be with your inhale, feel the air as it passes inside your nostrils, bristling by those nose hairs. Do not anticipate the pause or the next breath or the next ten minutes. All that exists is your inhale!

Pause: It is like the space between musical notes, a rhythmic balance for our inhales and exhales. We pause to let oxygen time to be absorbed.

Exhale: The mirror image of the inhale. We slowly let the air out of our lungs, like a balloon expelling its air slowly. Navy Seals use the extended exhales to navigate fear and use the energy for fuel. Extended exhales accelerate the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system (the brakes).

Pause: Provides the time needed for carbon dioxide to dissipate. This ensures we inhale oxygen rich air besides balancing the breath. The breath becomes similar to a fine piece of music. The pauses balance the breath as our mind and body act as one.

Remember to treat each part of the breath as everything in world, until we move to the next part. The trick is to go slow, focused with the mind empty, a foreign space for our complex mind.

We can train our mind using the breath as our focus object to slow, empty and be present.

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