Shaila Catherine: Pleasant feelings


“Find an experience that is pleasant: looking at a sunrise, feeling the smooth fur of a cat, holding a warm cup of tea, or any other such simple thing.
Practice moving the attention between the object and the pleasant feeling it elicits.
Shift your attention between the object of pleasure (the visual image, feeling of warmth or softness) and the pleasurable feeling it evokes.
Practice allowing the attention to settle within the experience of pleasantness without adding attachment.
If the desire for more arises, notice that attachment.
Ask yourself—what is this feeling of attachment?
Does attachment increase the pleasure, or decrease it?
Many people will recognize attachment by a characteristic feeling of contraction or separation.
How do you notice attachment to pleasure as distinct from a simple experience of pleasure?


One response to this post.

  1. nice!
    & just last week, while hiking
    i took a photo of that same
    Hairy star tulip, Tolmie star tulip 🙂

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