Contextual Therapy:Treating Survivors of Complex Trauma presented by Dr. Stephen Gold.

“There are elements found in complex trauma not fully captured by the current PTSD diagnosis, namely the experience of captivity (for example, young children typically have no resources for escaping ongoing abuse by parents), the loss of a sense of safety, trust, self-worth and the loss of (or failure to develop) a coherent sense of self.”
Diagnostic Criteria for Complex PTSD
History of prolonged subjugation resulting in alterations in
Affect Regulation (impulsive acting out)
Consciousness (dissociation)
Self-perception (shame, helplessness)
Perceptions of Perpetrator (preoccupation which may take the form of fear/sadness or identifying with and defending)
Relations with others (isolation, search for rescuer, revictimization)
Systems of Meaning (hopelessness)

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