“Mindful awareness is the guard we post at the door of each sense.”

For example, if you experience an unpleasant tactile sensation, such as cold on the arm, you might begin to complain about the weather.
Although there has never been a time when the weather changed in response to human complaints, we still make them.
Stories circulate in the mind about not having enough warm clothes; judgments reinforce the view that this climate is unfit for human habitation; criticisms are aimed at companions who we feel are being cheapskates by keeping the heat too low.
Hatred grows and the heart closes.
Feeling alienated and separated, we become irritable, callous, easily annoyed.
In this kind of scenario, self-condemning thoughts proliferate: “I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy to get enlightened.
How can I become enlightened if I don’t even wear the right clothes for the season?”
Such an unguarded mind suffers.
The suffering is not caused by the sensation of cold on the arm.
Lack of mindfulness is the problem.
Mindful attention to the initial contact will prevent suffering from entering.
The sooner mindfulness meets the mental embellishments that arise, the easier it will be to interrupt the cycle of suffering.
A moment of discontent becomes nothing more troublesome than a fleeting perception of discontent.
Excerpt From: Catherine, Shaila. “Focused and Fearless.”

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  1. Indeed. I’ve been nothing but irritated lately and today Irealized, I have been self-isolating and brooding in the suffering I am in. I need only approach it all mindfully and I DO NOT

  2. Reblogged this on We Suffer and commented:
    IT is all so clear. There is a solution to our personal suffering, and it begins right here.

  3. In this next breath we can renew ourselves, let go of judgment, thought and be perfect, right here, right now.

    We die the same day whether we worry today or chase happiness.

    Our choice

    The best place to choose is at the door when thought arrives and judgment ensues.

    Let,go at this initial ,contact and life will expand.

    Thanks for the response.


  4. I always think that compassion is the creativity to look the situation more than our own ways. It is a chance to look it with others’ eyes.

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