control a mirage, not thinking, impossible

We can not, not think about something, control thoughts.
60,000 thoughts cascade like a roaring river through our consciousness everyday.
Impossible to slow the flow, even a little.
In this sports analogy, one of your buddies shouts out, “Don’t worry about that water.”
It is impossible to not think about that water. Somewhere in your downswing, your club, your mind is going to adjust to that water.
What is the answer? How do we navigate challenges like this.
Simple. We focus, we use our conditioning, our practice to execute a shot (life).
I can have a pre shot routine, visualize the flight path of my ball to a certain spot.
I can focus on a particular area on the green and execute a spectacular shot.
It is the same as mindfulness, let go of thought and focus on your landing area (emptiness), simple.

4 responses to this post.

  1. The stream of thousand thoughts is beautiful, isn’t it? :))

  2. As you know Jade, thoughts fade naturally without any effort On our part.

    Life opens up, expands with the simplest of practiced skills, focus on the breath.

  3. “Visualize the path”, like hitting a baseball. An insight you have from your background as a professional baseball player. Who could predict that the focus, attention, discipline would take you here, now – meditation, breathing track, your blog, and support groups. . All preordained, with your pursuit of happiness, Persistence not giving up healing yourself and sharing your gift with others.

  4. Posted by Jennifer on August 12, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    After a little practice, the thoughts that ‘flood’ in will be a “trickle”.

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