We are separating, building a space between thoughts, emotions, “Ego” and our true self

We are building resilience in our nervous systems. By strengthening our ability to focus and then let go, we build a space between thought, emotion and the real us (spirit, soul).
This space let’s us choose to react or not.
Anger becomes a choice, engaging thought or letting go an easy decision.
This space created from letting go, emptying the mind of thought, expands, then offers us infinite opportunity.
When we get lost in thought, in emotional drama, life narrows and we suffer.
Whatever path you choose, know that thought and “Ego” can fill the mind with so much crap, that our chance for peace of mind, happiness disappears.
Matthew Ricard, the happiest man in the world, believes life is meant for the pursuit of happiness.
I agree, totally.
Sit today, focus, let go, empty your mind, make a space for your happiness to thrive.

One response to this post.

  1. I guess I have written about this long time ago. Please feel free to check it out. ; )
    Meditation will create space between you and the problem.


    Thank you for sharing this. : )

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