Updated: A response in Affirmations: How and Why!!!!!

amedo modigliani

This is a response from Browneyegirl: The awareness to know, then face your vulnerabilities with this process is the best I have ever read.
“I create my own affirmations by looking inside of myself and thinking about what my fears, worries, and concerns are. Once I know what they are I create an affirmation to fill in that space, and eventually I am whole again in that area. For example, about my fears regarding my abuser, I feel trapped, threatened, and hurt. I explored those feelings further as they came up anytime HE came up in my head, and eventually, I created this affirmation, “ I forgive you for what you have done to me and I am safe.”
When I say this to myself, I usually end up imagining I am on an island, with a willow tree and a small cottage. For me that image provides a sort of sanctuary for my spirit and soul.”

One response to this post.

  1. Wonderfully written and her words are so vivid and real, you are there with her.

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