Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!

Rick Hanson in “Buddhas Brain” explains how the minds axis tilts slightly negative, and how negative thought attaches like Velcro.
When our mind is ruminating in memory, drumming up doubt and worry, suffering is guaranteed.
The solution: We need to get out of our head, we need to take action.
Follow the hands, arms, legs and eyes intently.
Pay attention to what you see and touch, feel your hands and feet, connect with the body.
Get out of your head, breathe, let go, focus.
Let judgment fade for a minute, feel the body sensations attached to those emotional thoughts.
Again, pay attention to the process, not the perceived emotional story.
Doubt and worry can consume an entire life.
Doubt and worry arrive when we quit paying attention to now.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I see. Whenever you move, move consciously. Whatever you do, do it with attention, the high quality. : )))

  2. Be your breath, let your senses guide you not thought.

    Follow intuition, your inner guide, spirit and life will expand.

  3. Posted by Jennifer on July 28, 2015 at 12:51 am

    A recent quote of yours and this may not be 100% word for word by Mark Twain

    “The worst thing that ever happened in my life, never happened”. We all do this from time to time. What a waste.

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