Science confirms: You’re happier on the weekend By JASON RUSSELL • 7/21/15 12:01 AM


Got a case of the Tuesdays? People tend to be happier on the weekend than during the week, according to new research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.
Interestingly, while happiness increases somewhat on the weekend, declines in worry, anger and stress are much larger. Stress is one-third less common on the weekend, the largest effect the weekend has on one of seven emotions measured in the study.
John Helliwell, with the University of British Columbia, and Shun Wang, with the Korea Development Institute, authored the study.
Helliwell and Wang looked at the Gallup/Healthways United States Daily Poll from 2008-12. The survey asked respondents about seven emotions: happiness, enjoyment, laughter, worry, sadness, anger and stress. Respondents said “yes” or “no” to questions about whether they felt an emotion during the previous day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Very interesting especially on the stress, and if you could notice, there is the medicine mentioned in the graph…LAUGHING 😀

  2. Laughing, enjoyment , happiness may be without thought being present.

    Yes stress reduction.

    At work we have to perform, we are judged, evaluated by authority.

    This brings our ego out in force. On the weekend, stress fades because work has ceased.
    Remember what fires together wires together.

    At work we are reminded and think about where we stand.

    On the weekend we focus on playing, going to beach, mountains, ballgame, etc

    So it seems hard to be happy during the work week, no?

    Can we be happy is we experience anger, stress, worry, sadness.

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