The Consequences: Life expands, bias disappears and opportunity arrives.

“Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes.”
– Carl Jung –
Mindfulness is a focused inward exploratation.
We sit quietly, let go, and in this process we empty the mind of thought naturally.
The Consequences: Life expands, bias disappears and opportunity arrives.

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  1. Posted by kelly on July 8, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    i went on a unplanned camping trip 2 nd of July no reservation to Honeyman State Park. My family worried about finding a spot to camp. I took a breath and said their will be a spot for us don’t worry believe and i believed it as well and let go of that thought. Well we got a spot not only for that night but the next. unbelieveable. I am in the process of totally being happy with what i have and not worrying where or how i will get enough money. I am letting go and believing i already have enough. Because really need is very small. It is our wants that we think we have to have.

  2. There will always be worries, concerns in life. We never arrive, never reach a space where we can say, I made it, I can relax and not try anymore.

    They do not take retired athletes and put them out to stud.

    In fact many athletes strive to replace that feeling, that thrill of playing before 70,000 fans.

    John Riggins, a hall of fame fullback, eccentric athlete, while being honored by the Washington Redskins Twenty years later,
    Was late, Joe Theisman was also being honored and wondered where the Crazy man was.

    Then, Riggins appeared in the dugout, dressed in full uniform.
    Theisman asked him, what the hell are you doing.

    Riggins said, I just had to hear it one more time, the cheers.

    Mickey Mantle had dreams where he was outside the stadium while the game was going on. He could hear the cheers but could not get in. He dies from sclerosis of the liver searching to replace the cheers.

    All humans have desires, worries and loss. Those of us who acknowledge loss,,then let go and move on to,live life can find happiness.

    Remember it is not the strongest, most intelligent that survives, it is those who adapt.

  3. Kelly,

    Mindfulness is similar to lifting weights, it has memory and is an accumulative practice. We build the strength in our focus a little each day. Focus becomes second nature after a while. Sitting, focussing becomes easier with practice.

    When we lift weights and see results, growth, this is outstanding reinforcement.m we see results.

    Application brings the same emotions. You have seen letting go, being in the moment, emptying the mind to work. That also reinforces and then becomes habit.

    Life is a challenge for all,of us.

    The other part of this: yes it may look like others have no,worries, have everything, that is a fallacy. Challenges are just different and all of us do not know what is around the bend.

    Rich and poor alike suffer, experience loss, worry, doubt, and fear alike

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